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Champion Fireworks Manufacture Co.,Ltd

About Champion Fireworks Champion Fireworks: Founded in Liuyang in 2002. We strive to provide competitive price, the best quality and service, because we know that our success is based on our customers’ success. So after more than 10 years of efforts, it has developed into the fireworks industry leading brand and one of the few companies in China which can match the standard of Japan. Product range and application: We supply the largest range of fireworks, including display shells,...


    • Pop Pop Toy Fireworks

      Pop Pop Toy Fireworks

      T8500 Pop Pop Novelties Fireworks is a very popular small toy fireworks all over the world. It is made of small sand and gunpowders. It has the characteristics of safety, easy to set off, small volume, easy to store, light. Simply throw it down on any hard surface...

    • No.1 Match Cracker

      No.1 Match Cracker

      Match cracker is a kind of firecracker with no lead, similar to a match, with a coating of potassium chlorate on the head. It can be placed on the paper coated with phosphorous, and it can be ignited by friction, and it will explode in the open space for a period...

    • Magical Shots Fireworks

      Magical Shots Fireworks

      Magical shots fireworks is a classic small tube roman candle.They can be held in hand to set off, shoot red color and green color flaming balls one by one. The tube diameter is 1.15-1.35cm. Magical shots fireworks are most hot selling fireworks. We have many factories to...

    • China Factory 36 Shot Cake Fireworks

      China Factory 36 Shot Cake Fireworks

      CF7017 cakes firework is another very popular cakes fireworks item. It has 36 shots, display a wonderful magic effect. It's hot selling cake fireworks in many countries all over the world.