500 Gram 70 Shots Aerial Repeaters

500 Gram 70 Shots Aerial Repeaters

500-gram cakes fireworks are necessary for your celebration party, 70 shots aerial repeater, which with a powerful and fast rhythm, under the colorful effects of red green yellow fish, which make the whole atmosphere to the top.
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Product Details

Product details

1. Basic Information:


Category:500 gram   cakes fireworks/ aerial repeaters/ multishots
Product   No.:CFA20-70-1
Item Name:70 shots 500 gram   aerial repeaters
Tube Size:150*25*20mm
China   Supplier:Champion Fireworks
MOQ:50 cartons
Effects: Red green yellow fish 

2. Description: 
0.8" 70 shots Cakes Fireworks is with colorful effects of red green yellow fish, makes the whole sky beautiful and romantic. Vivid colors and powerful rhythm is the best choice for the atmosphere of your celebration party. Original in Liuyang, China guarantees the most stable quality and effects.

3. Product photos: 

CFA20-70-1 0.8''70 shots multishots 500g fireworks cake

4. Video:

5. FAQ

Q: How can you ensure quality?

We have a professional inspection team offering strict internal quality control services :

A. The complete tracking system, there is a batch number and a worker mark for each product, which can be traceable once quality problems occur.

B. Sample confirmation before the production;

C. Random test for semi-products;

D. Random test for finished-products;

E. Complete quality inspection record.

Q: When is the best time to place the order?

For Christmas season, as there is a high-temperature ban from the middle of July to end of August, the best time is before May, not later than July.

US Market -- for July 4th season, the best time to place the order is before September of the previous year.

European Market --- the best time to place the order is before December, we can prepare materials well before the Chinese New Year, and start the massive production after the Chinese New Year.

Other markets depend on the selling season, as the labor shortage and local policy are getting more and more severe, try to leave some more preparation time for the factory.

Q: How long does it take for the production?

It depends on the specific products, generally taking 40-60 days for the whole production after receiving the deposit or the L/C, some hand-made items cost much more time than that of machine-made.

Q: Can you offer OEM or ODM service?

We are pleased to offer OEM and private label services to our customers.

Q: Can you send me a sample?

Samples cannot be sent by Express, because fireworks are the dangerous cargos; Sample demo is available in our Liuyang factory, you're warmly welcome to have a visit and check face to face.

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