500 Gram Multishots 63 Shots Combined Cake Fireworks

500 Gram Multishots 63 Shots Combined Cake Fireworks

500 grams cake of composition and 63 shots of 2 sizes of tubes, colorful and quiet beginning, followed with Silver comet tail in W Shape, end with brocade crown, it's perfect for your fireworks show. Liuyang Champion Fireworks always provide you with the most stable quality and one-time delivery.
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Product Details

1.Basic Information:

Category:500-gram cakes fireworks-aerial repeaters-multishots
Product   No.:CFA2-63-1
Item Name:63 shots combined 500-gram multishots
Tube Size   (mm):54#   175*25*20
    9#     175*30*25 
China   Supplier:Champion Fireworks
MOQ:50 cartons
Effects: Red blue purple pearls with golden glittering; chrys; Red comet   tail; time rain tail; Silver comet tail; Brocade crown with blue pearls and   red glittering with time rain

2. Product photos:

CFA2-63-1  0.8'' 1.2'' 63 shots multishots 500g fireworks cake

3. Videos:

4. Our advantages:

1. Cooperate with best raw materials suppliers, guarantee the product quality from the very beginning; 

2. Fast reply to our clients' specific requirements;

3. Good business reputation based on 20-year-experience in the fireworks field;

4. Direct fireworks manufacturer;

5. On-time-delivery; 

6. Flexible payment terms.

5. FAQ

Q: When is the best time to place the order?

For Christmas season, as there is a high-temperature ban from the middle of July to end of August, the best time is before May, not later than July.

US Market -- for July 4th season, the best time to place order is before September of previous year.

European Market --- the best time to place the order is before December, we can prepare materials well before the Chinese New Year, and start the massive production after the Chinese New Year.

Other markets depend on the selling season, as the labor shortage and local policy are getting more and more severe, try to leave some more preparation time for the factory.

Q: Do you have any stock?

Yes, we always have some stocks for top-rated items. You're welcome to contact us for details.

Q: Do you have a factory?

Yes, we are manufacturing and trading combo.

Q: How many cargos can be loaded in one container?

For 40HQ, 67 m3 and 26000kg.

For 40GP, 56 m3 and 26000kg.

For 20GP, 27 m3 and 21000kg.

We highly recommend loading some light fireworks items to balance the weight.

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