1.75'' Crackling Artillery Shells

1.75'' Crackling Artillery Shells

W518A is a very hot selling 1.75 inch artillery shell fireworks. It's a reloadable tube with multiple shots. Each shot will shoot upward in the air and has excellent break and color. The effect is crackling. Use separately or combine with other cake items. Quick details: Effect of...

Product Details

Product introduction:
W518A is a very hot selling 1.75" artillery shell fireworks. It's a reloadable tube with multiple shots. Each shot will shoot upward in the air and has excellent break and color. The effect is crackling. Use separately or combine with other cake items.  

Quick details:

Fireworks Kinds:

Artillery Shells

Item No.:


Item Name:

Crackling Artillery shells






Multiple shots with a reloadable tube

Brand Name:

Champion Fireworks


Outdoor display

Setting off method:

Load one ball, set off it. Then load another ball.

Box color:



Crackling and other effects

Effect of Artillery shells: 

The effect of Artillery shells are similar to display shells. The difference is that the ball is small. Below are some of the effects for your option.


Visiting factory:

Every year, many clients from many countries visit our company. After visiting the factories and testing the samples, they are satisfied with our fireworks product quality and quotation. So welcome to visit our company at your convenient.

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Packing:12/6, 12/12


Quality control:

We have a perfect quality control system. We control the whole production process, including raw materials, tube production, gunpowder loading, packing, storage and delivery. It is a process by which entities review the quality of all factors involved in production.Champion fireworks have more than 1,000 workers in factory, and raw materials were purchased in large quantity with better quality and lower cost. Therefore, the price to the customer, the delivery time and quality with us has absolute advantage. we hope you might be interested in our fireworks, we are glad to provide you best price and service.