0.8 Inch 36 Shot Cake Fireworks

0.8 Inch 36 Shot Cake Fireworks

0.8 Inch 36 shot cake fireworks is a small cake pyro. It's cheap consumer fireworks for small parties, festival celebrations.
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Product Details

0.8 Inch 36 shot cake fireworks

Basic information:

Fireworks Category:Cake fireworks
Item No.:CF7017
Item Name:0.8" 36 shot cake fireworks
Tube size:2.0*2.5*12.5cm
Class:UN0336 1.4G
MOQ:50 cartons

Product picture:

Recommended effect video:

Row 1: brocade crown with red green pearl

Row 2: red sky blue with white strobe

Row 3: purple green with white stobe

Row 4: gold wave and red wave

Row 5: gold wave and green wave

Row 6: red green with sky blue time rain


Cake fireworks production:

Our cake fireworks factory:

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