About the knowledge of moulded fireworks

- May 24, 2018-

Moulded fireworks technology is mainly used in the production of cake fireworks.It's a great innovation in fireworks and firecracker production history.It has laid a good foundation for the automation and mechanization of fireworks production.

According to the characteristics of fireworks manufacturing, multi-tube heat transfer and other technologies are used to develop molding equipment and series of molds, which can be used to integrally form firework cylinders at one time, and solve traditional papermaking, reeling, sizing, drying and cutting cylinders. The muddy bottom, boreholes, and basins were complicated to achieve the mechanized production of fireworks, increased production efficiency, and reduced labor intensity.

Multiple processes of molded products are mechanized, and the production process is not affected by the weather, and the delivery time is shortened exponentially, so that the delivery time is more stable.

Molded firework outer cylinder has the characteristics of size specification, strong pressure resistance, smooth inner hole, etc. It can be applied to fireworks products to reduce safety hazards such as blasting barrels, burning barrels and low-altitude explosions, and improve the quality and safety of fireworks products.

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However, molded products always contain hidden concerns. It does not have the recycling value like paper products. The so-called natural degradation is a slow process. It is a false proposition in urban areas, and it will become worthless urban waste after being discharged, putting tremendous pressure on sanitation cleaning.

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