American Fireworks Standards Laboratory

- Jun 12, 2018-


The American Fireworks Standards Laboratory (AFSL) is an independent, non-profit corporation

established in 1989 by members of the fireworks industry to reduce the potential risks of injury

associated with fireworks. AFSL appointed a Standards Committee to develop and maintain voluntary

safety and quality Standards for all fourteen classifications of 1.4G consumer fireworks. The Standards Committee is comprised of representatives from the fireworks industry, federal and state regulatory authorities, consumers, and technical experts.

Standards developed by the committee incorporate all performance and labeling requirements of

the regulations for fireworks established by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and

applicable regulations governing transportation, shipping and storage established by the Department of Transportation. Also, the Committee developed provisions above and beyond the federal regulations to further improve safety and provide good manufacturing practices for producing consistent, high quality products. Any product that complies with the AFSL Standards also meets all federal requirements.

The Standards Committee continuously monitors the Standards to assure that any modifications

to federal regulations are incorporated. In addition, as product designs change and technology improves,the Committee reviews and revises the Standards as necessary to assure that innovations in the manufacturing process do not compromise the safety of the product.

AFSL has established a testing and certification program for products manufactured in China to

determine whether they are being produced in conformance with the Standards. Participation in the

program by manufacturers as well as U.S. importers is voluntary.

AFSL has provided copies of the Standards to all factories that participate in the program to

provide manufacturing guidelines. In addition, U.S. importers, their agents, or trading companies in China may request that fireworks be tested in China by an independent, internationally renowned testing laboratory retained by AFSL. A random sample taken from each shipping Lot is tested to the provisions of the applicable Standard. If the test indicates compliance with the AFSL Standard, a sticker bearing the AFSL registered service mark is applied to the shipping carton as proof of testing.

Because the testing program does not evaluate each item within the shipping Lot, the application

of the AFSL mark to the shipping carton is not a guarantee that each item within the shipment complies with the Standards. However, the mark is an assurance that a randomly selected sample from the lot has been tested and met all requirements.