Away from the fire, not exposed

- Feb 06, 2018-

1. Some firecrackers contain lively metals such as magnesium, aluminum, etc. Store in a cool dry place, away from the fire, not exposure, can not be placed in damp places.

Magnesium and aluminum in the presence of oxidants such as potassium nitrate, potassium chlorate, sulfur in case of water will produce flammable hydrogen (H2), easy to explode.

2. Discharge must be far away from gas stations, manhole covers, electrical equipment, gas equipment, factories, etc., to avoid danger.

In particular, be careful not to discharge the manhole cover, especially sewage wells, manure wells. Some people like to fire firecrackers on the manhole cover. This is absolutely not the case. The well usually contains a certain amount of methane, the main component of which is a mixture of methane (CH4) and air. After ignition, Mars will explode if it comes into contact with methane.

3. discharge should pay attention to the appropriate distance

After lighting, ordinary firecrackers need to evacuate 5 meters, slightly larger power needs to evacuate 10 meters away. Except by hand

4. Ignite the method

Firecrackers are often lit with incense sticks, rarely used lighters, matches lit, the use of open flame should pay special attention. At the same time pay attention to the instructions on the package to discharge

5. lit after the attention

Firecrackers inevitably produce a variety of problems, resulting in no explosion when discharged, at this time should not look to avoid sudden explosion.

6. Do not disassemble

All types of firecrackers prohibited disassembly, so as to avoid friction or impact caused an explosion.