Candles sacrifice, the symbolic meaning of dedication

- Feb 06, 2018-

Candles, a type of day-to-day lighting tool, are mostly made of paraffin wax, and in ancient times they were usually made of animal fat. Can burn light. In addition, candles are also used for a wide range of purposes: they also have important uses in events such as birthday parties, religious festivals, collective condolences, red and white weddings and the like. In literary and artistic works, candles have the symbolic meaning of sacrifice and sacrifice.

Modern is generally believed that the candle originated in the torch of the primitive era, the primitive people put fat or wax on things such as bark or wood, tied together, made of lighting torches. It is also said that in ancient times before the Qin dynasty, some people made a bunch of mugwort and reed, then dipped it in some fat for lighting, and later someone put a hollow reed wrapped in cloth, which was filled with beeswax.

Candles (candle) production of many types, according to the purpose of the general can be divided into daily lighting candles (candles) and crafts candles (special purpose candles) two categories. Lighting candles is relatively simple, the general is the white pole candle. Craft candles and can be subdivided into many kinds, first of all, can be divided into jelly craft candles and aromatherapy candles two categories. Generally due to the addition of ingredients and showed a variety of colors (such as birthday candles), the shape also need to be made into various forms (such as spiral, digital, etc.), melt into novelty, decorative, ornamental, functional in one.

The candle flame is divided into three parts, divided into outer flame, inner flame and flame heart. Outside the flame temperature is highest, flame heart temperature is the lowest, the brightest flame brightness.

In addition, the candle can be divided into two kinds of rough wax and smooth wax, the surface of the general rough wax with a taste of the top, there is a layer of hoarfrost, different rough wax will bring different odor, such as in the bedroom can Put some lavender candle, hypnotic, calming effect, in the bathroom can be placed on the ocean smell of the candle, summer can also put some loose candles to repel mosquitoes; and smooth wax tasteless, wax body surface is smooth , Easy to make beautiful shape.