Children should be led by adults when they set off firecrackers

- Feb 06, 2018-

Children should be led by adults when they set off firecrackers.

Fireworks should be stored in a safe place away from sources of ignition and can not be placed near fires.

In order to prevent a fire, it is forbidden to fire firecrackers on the balcony, the interior, the warehouse, the yard and other places. Also does not allow in stores, theaters and other public places.

Do not use firecrackers to play "fire fighting" game.

Discharge should be on firecrackers on the ground, or hanging on the pole, do not hold in your hand.

After igniting firecrackers, do not rush to look up without confirming the absence of safety problems.

Fireworks, fireworks, fireworks, fireworks and firecrackers should not be placed sideways or diagonally.

Dispose of firecrackers away from flammable combustibles, to be released in open areas. Do not discharge to people and residential buildings. When discharge should carefully check whether there is flammable combustibles near, carefully clean up the fire hazard.

Children put firecrackers to be taken care of, do not pick up the firecrackers did not ring.

Firecrackers should be kept away from fire sources and high-temperature production facilities, shipping firecrackers to avoid vibration and friction, smoking in the firecrackers market is strictly prohibited. 4. To buy the quality of the firecrackers, not cheap to buy cheap production of inferior firecrackers.

In order to keep the city clean and to stop a fire in a happy and auspicious festival, every citizen has the obligation to choose the appropriate and safe place to discharge the fireworks and firecrackers in time for a simple clean-up afterwards - everyone can not be asked The scene clean, but the pier of fireworks into the trash is a show of hands.

Experts advise, if the outer eye is broken by the injury, the most taboo hand pressure. Once the contents of the pressure out after the doctor saved it is very difficult. After the injury should allow patients to lie quietly, and then sent to the nearest hospital.