China International Fireworks Festival

- Jul 25, 2018-

China is a major producer and trader of fireworks and firecrackers, with production accounting for 90% of world production. The Fireworks Festival is the grandest festival in China's fireworks and firecrackers industry. There are mainly China Liuyang International Fireworks Festival and China Shangli International Fireworks Festival.


China Liuyang International Fireworks Festival:

It is the biggest festival in China's fireworks and firecrackers industry. The first Fireworks Festival was held in 1991. Since the fifth session in 2001, the Fireworks Festival has been established for two years.

China Shangli International Fireworks Festival:

The 2010 International Fireworks Festival was held in China. On April 16, 2010, China International Fireworks and Firecrackers Industry Fair and China Shangli International Fireworks Festival were held in Jiangxi, the birthplace of Chinese firecrackers and the hometown of Chinese fireworks. The trade fair is dedicated to creating a brand of “technical fireworks”. Internal and external peers showcase the strength of "technical fireworks." Yang Shengjun, vice president of the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Food, Livestock and Animals of the Ministry of Commerce, said that the purpose of the fair was to guide enterprises to upgrade the traditional fireworks industry with modern high-tech, to promote corporate competition to the level of technological competition and brand competition, and to further improve Production process to improve the quality and safety of production.

Festival situation:

Every International Flower and Fireworks Festival has gathered a large number of domestic and foreign merchants. As a festival held by Liuyang, the leading production area of fireworks and firecrackers in the world, fireworks and firecrackers are also actively involved. There are two major activities in the Fireworks Festival, namely the large-scale art fireworks art evening and the international fireworks display competition. The Fireworks Festival emphasizes the star effect. The large-scale literary art fireworks art evenings are all star-studded, and many first-line stars have performed on stage. The international fireworks display competition also reflects a fairly high standard and is one of the most important show events in the country.

The show competition has always insisted on the more artistic music fireworks display route, emphasizing the artistic combination of music and fireworks. The art fireworks display competition also has a strong international character. There are international first-class teams such as France JCO, Germany WECO, Australia ProFormance Pyrotechnics, Hong Kong Hong Kong Star Fireworks, as well as domestic high-level discharge teams such as Eastcom Fireworks and Panda Fireworks.

In addition, there are various types of activities such as creating the world record for the world's longest firecrackers. The International Fireworks Association Annual Meeting and the National Fireworks and Firecracker Main Production Area Collaboration Conference will also be held during the Fireworks Festival.