Cold fireworks, a new high-tech fireworks type

- Jun 04, 2018-

Theory of cold fireworks

Cold fireworks use low-burning metal powder. After a certain percentage of processing, the cold smokeless fireworks show a low burning point of cold fireworks. The burning point is 60°C-80°C and the external temperature is 30°C-50°C, which does not harm the human body. Suitable for stage performances and various styling designs. The ordinary fireworks burning point between 500 °C -800 °C, easy to cause harm to the human body when burning.

Application fields

Suitable for stage performances and various styling designs. The ordinary fireworks burning point between 500 °C -800 °C, easy to cause harm to the human body when burning. Cold fireworks have a high technological content and are popular with people without pollution. Cold fireworks are a new trend in fireworks development in recent years. They have appeared at the Shanghai APEC conference, the Sydney Olympics, the 2002 Japan and South Korea World Cup, and the National Ninth National Games. Cold fireworks are the high-tech crystallization of modern fireworks.

Performance feature

(1) Products rely on sound, light, color, sparks and branch sparks generated by the combustion of their own medicines to form colorful fireworks effects and artistic styling, and the viewing effect is excellent.

(2) Smokeless, non-toxic, non-irritating odor, no residue, and harmless to the human body when discharged. Therefore, it does not pollute the environment.

(3) No explosion occurs during production and discharge, and other combustible materials are not easily ignited in the spark zone. Therefore, the security is high.

(4) The individual product can flexibly set the discharge time as needed.

(5) The production process is simple. Generally less than half of the traditional fireworks process.

(6) The atmosphere is warm and cheerful when it is discharged. The effect is unique and the controllability is strong. Widely used for festivals, birthdays and other parties, it can express a cheerful atmosphere. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use in homes, bars, karaoke rooms, stages, etc.

(7) High performance-to-price ratio. Compared with foreign products of the same type, there is a great price advantage.

Setting off instructions

A: When a single cold fireworks are fired, directly separate the positive and negative poles of the cold-burning spark ignition head and turn on the battery to ignite. After the ignition, the battery can be removed. (The fireworks will not go out because the battery is removed.)

B: When several are fired, multiple cold flames should be connected in parallel on a double-stranded wire, not exceeding 20-25 at most. Arrange people at the end of the wire. The No. 1 battery is fixed in multiple sections. The person who is responsible for discharging needs to connect the positive and negative poles of the wire to the battery when it is required to be discharged. The entire cold-flame fireworks is discharged. It is very simple. Just pay attention to the time and accuracy.

Pictures of cold fireworks


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