Easy to carry, discharge is also more convenient

- Feb 06, 2018-

Cold fire lighter generally divided into 2 kinds, box and box 2 kinds.

1) Advantages

Box style: easy to carry, discharge is also more convenient.

Box-type: one-time discharge of multiple ignition head, the appearance looks beautiful.

Box-type cold fireworks ignition: 1) Box-type cold fireworks igniter with four dry batteries, receiving box with the fireworks product placed in series, at the same time can be detonated 2-3 ignition head, parallel 1-2 ignition head .

Box-type igniter 220V AC power supply, the input voltage of 220V, the output voltage of 110V, with 64-core copper implicated cold fireworks display, each group can detonate up to 50 ignition head.

2) Put 4 AA batteries into the battery box, turn on the switch, the red and yellow indicator lights; if one of the 2 indicator lights does not light, it means that the box type cold fire flame lighter

Faulty, can not be used. Turn on the switch after the box-type igniter is energized, 2 the red color indicator light is on, and if the 2 indicator light is off, it indicates that the box-type igniter

Not bad, can not be used.

3) press the remote control button, the red light goes out, the yellow light is brighter, the remote control is normal.

4) access to cold fireworks products by remote control corresponding to the good product discharge.