Electronic firecrackers

- Aug 21, 2018-

Firecrackers are a symbol of good fortune. The sound of firecrackers is deafening every festive season and festive day.Flying all over the sky, giving people joy and encouragement.However, firecrackers not only pollute the environment, but also cause various disabilities and fire accidents, which bring economic losses to the country and the people. In order to solve the shortcomings of traditional firecrackers, but also to celebrate the festive season, electronic firecrackers came into being.

Electronic firecrackers are electronic products that replace the traditional gunpowder firecrackers with environmental protection, safety, no gunpowder, can be repeatedly "displayed", sound and flash similar to traditional firecrackers.

electric firecrackers.jpg

1.working theory:

The circuit of the electronic firecracker is shown in Figure 53-1. It consists of power supply, sound, flash and transmission.


2.main form:

1)Lightning type simulation electronic firecrackers can not only emit the simulated sound of ordinary firecrackers, but also can emit sounds with the sound of the firecrackers. It can be faked, no gunpowder, no pollution, no disability and fire accidents, and can be reused. Greatly reduce economic expenditures. The limitation is to use a household power supply, which is not convenient to move.

2)The electronic firecracker is a kind of equipment that uses gas and oxygen to mix left and right fuels. It sounds loud and is no different from gunpowder firecrackers, but the defect is that there is a certain safety hazard in the ignition of mixed gas.

3)Recording firecrackers, playing the firecracker recording stored in the chip through audio decoding, the sound is related to the power level, pure electric energy, movable, and low cost. The disadvantage is that the simulation is slightly worse and the atmosphere is not strong.

3.Dangerous scene:

First, pull the product power cord or use external force to impact the product. If the dangerous parts are exposed, it may lead to electric shock accidents;

Second, in the process of connecting the product to the power supply of the grid, touch the exposed dangerous parts;

Third, the product is subjected to mechanical impact from external forces during transportation or use, resulting in exposure of dangerous parts and increasing the probability of product accidents;

Fourth, the use of electronic firecrackers for a long time causes the product power cord to heat up and soften exposed dangerous parts, and even ignite, resulting in electric shock or even fire accidents.

4.Consumption warning:

1)Electronic firecrackers are not toys. Children should be used under the guidance of adults.

2)Do not touch the sounding part of the firecracker during the process of burning, so as to avoid danger;

3)Unplug the power cord when not in use or when the family goes out;

4)do not be cheap when buying, must buy a factory name, factory address, telephone and other regular manufacturers of products.