Fireworks and Firecracker Inspection Center Of Hunan Province

- Aug 14, 2018-

Fireworks and Firecracker Inspection Centre (hereafter as the Centre) is a professional testing agency which is engaged in testing and research of quality and safety of fireworks and firecracker. The Centre, of which the predecessor is Fireworks Laboratory  in 1992, was founded in 2002 and now is subordinate to Inspection and Quarantine and Technology Center. It has been assessed as China National Pyrotechnics Testing Laboratory in 2003 and permitted to establish the National center for quality supervision and testing of fireworks and firecracker. In 2009, we were assessed as Hunan Fireworks and Firecrackers Safety Engineering Research Center. In 2010, we were assessed as China National Fireworks and Firecrackers Quality Supervision Inspection Center.


After development of more than 10 years, the center is possessed with 40 personnel, an office building with more than 2000 square meters, more than 3000 square meters of testing workshops and 400 acres for hazard classification test of transportation and function , and also equipped with 235 sets of analysis facilities with the value more than 15 million RMB. Therefore, the centre can be completely deserved the reputation of a professional fireworks and firecracker testing agency which is with complete set of testing equipment and accommodation; perfect testing technology, rational personnel structure as well as scientific management method.

As an independent third- party testing agency, the center is responsible for both the safety and quality of all exported fireworks and firecracker of Hunan province; as well as the scientific technology subject on fireworks, standards stipulation and modification which are entrusted by technology department and also receiving the testing service directly entrusted by the clients from home and abroad.

The center has achieved prominent results on every aspects of testing ,scientific research and international communication, and will try to make further improvements on the quality requirement, testing capability, service level as well as management system to become the internationally well-known pyrotechnics testing agency.