Fireworks production gunpowder filling process safety precautions

- May 10, 2018-

1. Electrostatic generation: Before touching the gunpowder, you must first touch the static elimination device, wash your hands, and rinse the ground and the console with water to effectively eliminate static electricity.

2. Wearing of protective articles: Cotton overalls, dust caps, dust masks, cotton gloves, cotton waistbands, and various protective articles must be worn in place to operate.

3. It is forbidden to use iron tools. It is forbidden to bring fire sources and dangerous articles into the production area. It is forbidden to drop, drag, and collide with various utensils to prevent friction during operation. It must be handled with care. It is forbidden to bring emotional work and drink work, with fatigue.

4. It is forbidden to over-manage, over-provision, over-plan production, speeding over transportation and change the use of workshops and change the process operation. To achieve the "small and scattered, a small number of times to go away" work guidelines.

5. Adhering to the working principle of “people-oriented, safe in the first place, and prevention-oriented” to ensure that they do not hurt, do not harm themselves, do not harm others, and do not hurt others.” People safe.

6. There are many dangerous processes involved in our pharmaceutical factories such as: dispensing, screening gunpowders, gunpowder transportation, granulation, screening, roasting, baking, weighing and weighing, loading and unloading storage, loading and unloading, hydraulic press products and gunpowder columns Processes such as crepe paper are very dangerous and all involve the highest level of hazard (level 1.1)

7. In case of lightning, lightning, strong winds and heavy rain, high temperatures, everyone should stop production in time, turn off the electricity, shut down and evacuate to a no gunpowder area and a safe area in time.