How did the Russians make fireworks?

- Dec 11, 2018-

How did the Russians make fireworks?

Fireworks are inseparable from grand ceremonies or performances or festivals, and festive days. Beautiful fireworks add atmosphere to these beautiful days. The Spring Festival is coming, and according to the Chinese tradition, there must be fireworks. When you hear the sound of fireworks, many people will feel that the year is coming to an end. This group of photos takes you into the fireworks factory. Isn't it the same as you think? Let's take a look.

How did the Russians make fireworks  1

A factory worker is making a fireworks tube. With the development of the times, the fireworks are now becoming more and more mechanized, faster and more convenient. The previous fireworks production process was divided into three main parts: gun body production, gunpowder production and lead production, which can now be processed in a variety of faster ways.

How did the Russians make fireworks

The woman is making a fireworks tube. The color of the fireworks is caused by the difference in the color of the flame reaction due to the burning of different metals. Fireworks are made of various metal powders that burn in high heat to form a variety of eye-catching colors. Different metals can be used to produce different effects and emit different colors. This is also the wisdom of mankind, drawing a picture of beauty.

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The woman is finishing the fireworks. Good quality fireworks, every link must be strictly controlled, otherwise there will be various problems. Materials, crafts, and environmental protection are the requirements of today's fireworks.

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The women are carefully placing the fireworks. Nowadays, these traditional crafts have been replaced by mechanization. Handmade fireworks are no longer a means of livelihood, but the production process, procedures, specific technical parameters and use requirements of fireworks and firecrackers are regulated.

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The fireworks tube is actually similar to the firecracker, and its structure contains black powder and medicine. Before the filling operation, the on-site technicians should check and inspect the launching devices one by one. The inspection contents include: the stability of the barrel, the verticality, the stability of the shelf, the wind resistance, and the reasonable spacing of the combined barrel.

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The process of making fireworks. The old-fashioned fireworks adopts a secondary structure, and the outer tube is responsible for sending the inner tube to the sky, and the inner tube is responsible for the effect. Therefore, the outer cylinder is mainly filled with gunpowder with a large explosive force. The structure of the inner cylinder is divided into fuze, primer, gunpowder, and light beads. Although the new technology has abandoned this structure, the structure of the fireworks after the ascension is basically the same as that of the inner cylinder.

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The process of making fireworks. The people who make the fireworks are arranged ingeniously to determine the order of burning. In this way, after the fireworks are detonated, the bright and colorful patterns can be bloomed in the dark sky.

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The process of making fireworks. Although the fireworks are beautiful, they are also dangerous under the splendor. Therefore, the loading operation should be carried out by a person in charge, and the fireworks and firecrackers should be accurately loaded into the design launching device in strict accordance with the design and grouping requirements. When loading, the shell should be lifted 2 times to check if there is any cartridge or the gap between the cartridges is too large. Every detail needs to be very careful.

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The process of making fireworks. Different types of metal compounds emit different colors when burned. For example, both sodium chloride and sodium sulfate are sodium compounds that emit a golden yellow flame when burned. By the same token, calcium nitrate and calcium carbonate emit a brick red flame when burned.

The woman is packing. Different fireworks have different effects, some are like meteors, and they are like chrysanthemums. When hard charcoal powder or aluminum powder or iron powder is added to the medicament, some particles are not completely burned out after being burned in the light interception, and the ejected particles will again encounter oxygen in the air, which will occur. The secondary combustion reaction produces different colors and a certain brightness.