How to prevent static in fireworks production and transportation in autumn and winter?

- Oct 15, 2018-

Autumn and winter seasons are an important period of time for the fireworks and firecrackers industry to prevent static electricity. Static electricity is also the biggest risk factor in the production, storage and transportation of fireworks and firecrackers. The following is the relevant content of China's security expert Luo Jian on the principle of static electricity generation, how to effectively prevent static electricity generation, and eliminate static electricity:


Generation and accumulation of static:

1.the object contact separation produces static electricity

The object is frequently contacted and separated (the object is separated from the object, and the wind is separated from the object), and friction is formed. When two objects of different materials are rubbed, there is charge generation. Everything in the production and life of people is carried out in the encirclement of static electricity.

2.Static electricity is formed in a low humidity environment

When the relative humidity of the air is above 65%, the surface of the object tends to form a very thin film of water. The water film can dissolve carbon dioxide in the air, so that the surface resistivity is greatly reduced, and the electrostatic charge is less likely to accumulate. If the relative humidity of the surrounding air is less than 50%, the static electricity is not easily dissipated, and there is a possibility that a high potential is formed due to charge accumulation.

3.Non-conductive objects accumulate static electricity

The better the insulation of the material, the easier it is to accumulate static electricity.

Electrostatic hazard conditions:

Static electricity In the environment of flammable or explosive gas or dust (end), the electric spark generated by the concentrated discharge of electrostatic energy after the accumulation of electrostatic charge may cause a burning or explosion accident.

In the production process of fireworks and firecrackers, the processes involving raw material processing (crushing), pyrotechnics manufacturing, and bare drug operations are all in the flammable dust (end) environment, using ethanol (granulation, pressing, drying, storage and other subsequent processes), Acetone (moisture-proof agent, quick-release) is a flammable gas environment.

How to prevent the danger of static electricity?

The term "antistatic" refers to preventing the accumulation of static electricity, and does not mean preventing the generation of static electricity.

The protection against static electricity is “anti-" (preventing accumulation), and second, “guiding” (effectively eliminating in time); preventing static electricity accumulation is to eliminate static electricity generated at any time in a timely and rapid manner:

1. Metal body for drug-related machinery (especially bare drug processing machinery)

Ball mill, hydraulic, granulation, polishing and other machinery specially designed for black powder production are strictly and reliably statically grounded. The grounding resistance should be less than 100Ω (the area with large soil resistivity should not exceed 1000Ω);

2, non-conductive objects accumulate electrostatic pyrotechnic charge, dig, build (pressure) and other tools

The surface resistance value should be 104-9Ω. It is not allowed to use tools such as iron, porcelain and non-electrostatic plastics, chemical fiber materials, etc.; rubber mats are used on the countertops of manual mixing and loading (built) medicines. The purpose is to prevent "hard hits". Therefore, it is required to conduct static electricity, the resistance value is 104-9 Ω, and the work surface of non-conductive static materials such as ordinary plastics and chemical fibers should not be used;

3. Raw material processing

Workers in raw material processing (crushing), pyrotechnics, and bare drug operations should be able to effectively and effectively eliminate static electricity in the body.

Through the above 2 and 3 measures, a raw material (drug) is formed through the tool and through the human body to the ground, and an electrostatic channel is formed. Where the static electricity is generated, it will be removed into the earth in time to eliminate the electrostatic hazard. .

Fireworks and firecrackers anti-static drugs in bare drug sites are recommended to remember three sentences: workers wear anti-static clothing, shoes, socks, use anti-static tools, mechanical equipment is strictly grounded.

What deserves our attention is:

1. Do not use anti-static equipment supplies intermittently;

2. Do not use anti-static tools without anti-static function;

3, can not rely on the human body electrostatic leakage device to quickly and completely eliminate static electricity;

4, raw material crushing, drug mixing and ball milling, tide medicine package, hydraulic, granulation, polishing, etc. and storage, use of ethanol, acetone and other workers, warehouses should be well ventilated to reduce the concentration of flammable dust and gas in the air.