Liuyang fireworks and firecrackers production factory high temperature holiday not less than 1 month per year

- Jun 13, 2018-


In view of the high temperature in summer and the high number of thunderstorms that can easily trigger fireworks and firecrackers accidents, the world-wide fireworks production center in Liuyang, China, starts its high-temperature holiday mode from July every year for about 1 month, depending on weather conditions. All factories will stop production during this period.

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Shutdown standards:

In accordance with the production conditions and environment stipulated in the “Safety Operation Regulations for Fireworks and Firecrackers” (GB116522012), production is suspended, when thunderstorms occur, the temperature of the drug rises spontaneously or odors are produced, the room temperature in the Class 1.1 workshop exceeds 34°C, and the room temperature in the general workshop exceeds 36°C. Stop production immediately.

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Requirements for starting production:

After the high-temperature holiday is over, the City Work Safety Administration will strictly implement the post-acceptance and post-production rehabilitation system. Fireworks and firecrackers producing enterprises that have ceased production shall be allowed to resume production after they have passed the experience and completed safety training for operators. For enterprises that have not been accepted or failed to pass the inspection, they must be resolutely investigated and dealt with. Strict implementation of the "who accepts and who is responsible for" system, where due to lower acceptance standards and happen accident, acceptance personnel will be severely investigated for related responsibilities.

Impact on fireworks production and trade/Countermeasures:

1)Impact:Postponed delivery

If high temperatures persist, the high-temperature shutdown period in all fireworks and firecrackers production areas will generally increase. Enterprises that hold export orders cannot produce, and foreign trade companies cannot ship on time. This has become a common phenomenon in foreign trade exports.

2)Countermeasures:place order in advance

It is recommended that customers place orders in advance in order to avoid out of stock and reduce transportation costs.

3)Case Introduction

In order to deal with the high temperature production and reduce transportation costs, a large European fireworks importer orders 1-2 months earlier. According to its introduction, since all products must be delivered to supermarkets before Christmas or New Year, most of the hundreds of containers purchased by the company after the high temperature holiday last year were transported by means of expedited shipments. The cost of a cabinet will increase by several thousand yuan."