Monthly evaluation, regular inspection! Black Powder Association is committed to product quality improvement

- Jul 03, 2018-


Fireworks Weekly News (Reporter Yi Xiao) On June 22nd, Liuyang City Black Powder Association launched a centralized sampling and lofting activity to test the launch performance of 43 black powder medicine manufacturers in the city. This is the third time that this year's black gunpowder centralized sampling and lofting activities.

Since last year, fireworks companies have repeatedly criticized the quality of black powder products. In order to promote enterprises to strengthen management and improve product quality in an all-round way, the Black Powder Association has adopted a method of “full coverage of sampling, complete transparency of the process, and full disclosure of results” to conduct centralized public inspection of the quality of black powder in the city.

It is reported that this quality inspection activity is once a month, and the association sends a special person to the factory to randomly sample and concentrate on testing. The entire stakeout process is open and transparent. The person in charge of the association, the group company and the legal person of the sales company, and the heads of some branch companies participate, and the representatives of the fireworks enterprises and the society are invited to witness, and the product quality of the enterprise is ranked according to the test results. For the companies ranked last and last two, the first warning was issued, the second production was suspended for two days, and the third production was suspended for one week. At the same time, for enterprises whose product quality is not up to standard, the whole industry will be notified.

"Quality is better than once!" Deng Fuchu, consultant of Black Powder Association, said that the public appraisal has stimulated the enthusiasm of the industry to “match and catch up”, and the quality of black powder products is gradually improving. Especially this time, the quality of the products of 43 black powder medicine manufacturers are in line with the standards. Among them, Xingshun Fireworks Material Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Kumquat Branch, Ruifeng Fireworks Material Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Taihe Branch, and Ruifeng Materials Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Pingan Branch ranked top in product quality.

In the next stage, the Black Powder Industry Association will further focus on improving the quality of black powder products. On the one hand, it will promote the continuous improvement of product quality and production safety through centralized procurement of raw materials and regular inspections. On the other hand, it will expand the intensity and frequency of centralized sampling to enhance its openness and transparency.