Musical fireworks knowledge

- Jul 25, 2018-

Musical fireworks introduction:

Musical Fireworks is a form of artistic performance that combines the rhythm of fireworks with the melody and artistic conception. It is a form of artistic and ornamental fireworks. The fireworks are selected according to the music edited in advance. The rhythm of music to arrange the number, rhythm and combination of fireworks. Combining the powerful and powerful impact of music on the sound, the combination of fire and fire has a powerful visual impact, forging a perfect effect of fire and music, light and rhythm.

Features of musical fireworks:
1.Effect aspect:

a. High requirements for discharge equipment and discharge technology.

b. Higher requirements for the design of the lighting layout and the effect design.

c. is a higher level of comprehensive artistic expression, and can also be combined with other good performance methods such as lasers and fountains. Scenario dramas, etc., therefore have a broader development space and a stronger vitality.

2.Implementation of discharge:

a. High-quality discharge team.

b. Executable discharge implementation.

c. At all stages of the discharge, the participants and organizations are properly coordinated.

d. The fire team members have a strong execution.

3.The basic steps:

a. Identify user needs and determine the theme of the release

b. surveying the site

c. creative design

d. music selection

e. editing production

f. Prepare a list of products, equipment, equipment, consumables

History of musical fireworks:

The Fireworks Festival originated in Cannes, France in 1960. Since 1985, it has been specially developed due to the Montreal International Fireworks Festival in Canada. A number of international fireworks festivals have been formed in countries such as Canada, South Africa and Spain.

Founded in 1985, the Montreal International Fireworks Festival is the first country and city in the world to host a fireworks festival. It is also the world's most influential and largest international music fireworks show competition. It has been held for 24 consecutive years. Founded in 1985 as a traditional fireworks show, it became a musical fireworks show in 1987. Every year from June to August, it is held on a lake of 100,000 hectares in a suburban island in the suburbs of Montreal. Each session is 10 special sessions, and every Wednesday or Sunday is a fixed-fire day, and famous fireworks companies from all over the world are invited to perform. China's music fireworks began in Shanghai. Since 2000, it has successfully held the 11th "Shanghai International Musical Fireworks Festival" in Shanghai Pudong Century Park, creating a precedent for international music fireworks in Asia.

Following the Shanghai International Musical Fireworks Festival, the Musical Fireworks Festival has been launched in China's coastal and inland tourist cities. Among them, Hangzhou West Expo International Fireworks Festival, China (Liuyang) International Fireworks Competition, Changsha Orange Island International Music Fireworks Competition, China (Sanya) International Music Art Fireworks Competition.