New regulations for fireworks shipment via Shanghai port

- Aug 27, 2020-

To further ensure the fireworks safety in transportation, all the below fireworks (High-Risk Fireworks) have to be tested and inspected by the 3rd inspection party and obtain the test certificate before the shipment.

1, Shells: Spherical shell OD≥2.5 inch, or Cylinder shell ( Mortar tubes ID≥63mm or length≥57mm)
2, Artillery Shells: OD≥1.2 inch ( Mortar tubes ID≥30mm) or Cylinder Artillery Shell (Length≥30mm)
3, Shot Tubes, Battery of Shot Tubes (Cakes) and Mines: ID≥45mm
4, Rockets: OD≥30mm
5, Roman Candles: ID≥30mm
6, Firecrackers: Length≥63mm or ID≥20mm (single)

This regulation is set by Shanghai Fireworks Transportation Association For Foreign Trade and will be effective from September 1st, 2020.