Promote the use of safe storage warehouses and strengthen the management of retail fireworks

- May 18, 2018-

China is the hometown of fireworks and firecrackers. Fireworks and firecrackers are an important part of Chinese civilization and a rare treasure in traditional Chinese culture. For thousands of years, the sound of firecrackers retiring from the old has become a collective memory of the Chinese nation for the festive days. Fireworks and firecrackers are not only a traditional custom, but also a cultural symbol that goes deep into the marrow of the Chinese nation. However, as the people’s demand for fireworks and firecrackers grows year by year, many hidden security problems exist in the retail chain of fireworks and firecrackers:

Retail outlets are located in densely populated areas, and most of them are on-store, off-premise and back-to-home, and there are more operators in the peak season. Once the safety awareness is neglected, it is a major hidden danger.

The traditional fireworks shops are mostly ordinary shops. Their building structures and fire protection measures cannot meet the storage requirements for dangerous explosives, and they are not equipped with lightning protection and anti-static facilities. They are not suitable for operating dangerous items such as fireworks and firecrackers.

Individual fireworks retail shop owners have always been pursuing the maximization of profits, over-regulation products and smuggling. Even some stores could not obtain licenses for fireworks because they did not meet the regulatory requirements, they took risks, operated without a license, and set up warehouses privately.

At present, the information flow system of fireworks can only be traced back to the level of the wholesale company. Retailers basically do not flow to the information system. The source of the purchase of the products in the retail chain and the target of the sales cannot be traced. Once there is a problem with the quality of the product, the wholesale company cannot be traced. Manufacturer's responsibility.

80% of sales of fireworks and firecrackers are mainly concentrated during the Spring Festival. The operating companies usually need to spend a lot of storage costs for product storage, and the pressure for concentrating on a large amount of distribution during the Spring Festival is too large, causing major transport safety hazards. This is one of the reasons for the seriousness of private banking in the retail sector.

Since the Yongkang Incident and Yueyang Incident in 2015, the State Administration of Work Safety released the "two-closed" and "three-forbidden" prohibitions. However, in reality, there are very few stores that meet regulatory requirements. The vast majority of fireworks retail outlets are on-site, front-to-back, and back-to-back. Some retail owners are unable to obtain retail licenses for fireworks and firecrackers and secretly operate or set up warehouses privately. This cat-and-mouse "game" has made it very difficult for government regulators to work. The effect is extremely poor.

Blocking is not as sparse. In order to change this kind of "cat and mouse" game, I think we need to vigorously promote the use of safe storage warehouses to solve most problems in the retail sector.

First, the special security storage warehouse for retail terminals of fireworks and firecrackers shall be composed of two parts: a storage box and a retail store box.

Among them, the retail store cabinet is only used as a drug-free product promotion display, sales cash register, and flow management platform, and direct storage of fireworks and firecracker physical products is not allowed. The store box adopts a detachable modular design, which is simple and flexible and can be assembled freely.

The storage box is mainly used to temporarily store a small amount of fireworks (the total dose is controlled within 300KG); a variety of specifications should be designed, and the end user should select according to the site conditions. Must strictly abide by the explosion-proof design requirements, and have explosion-proof, lightning protection, anti-static, and access to the flow of information systems and other related functions.

The cabinet shall be made of fire-proof high-temperature insulation material. The top of the box shall be equipped with 1-3 automatic vent windows. In the event of an emergency, the explosion vent window will automatically spring open. The box explosion resistance standard is 300kg TNT, air shock wave compression safety grade. For grade 3 (overpressure value <0.15 ~ 0.20 * 105N/m2), ensure that people and buildings outside the 1 meter box are not greatly damaged.

It should be able to network with 110 and 119. When the abnormal situation occurs, the cabinet can be automatically alarmed. When the cabinet smoke concentration and temperature exceed the rated standard, the top vent opening of the box is automatically opened, and the warning message is automatically sent to the business owner. cellphone number.

It should be networked with the functional department supervision system, and the functional department can monitor the retail store business types and business processes in real time through the monitoring system and achieve all-round, normalized timing monitoring.

Lightning and anti-static devices should be installed to effectively achieve lightning protection and anti-static requirements.

Waterproof coating, thermal insulation at the top, and ventilation device should be adopted. Rainwater diversion device should be added at the bottom to prevent acid rain and corrosion.

The retail terminal's Invoicing System shall be connected to the unified product flow information management system of the public security department. Wherever the terminal purchases or sells each box of products, it can source the product through the bar code and specify the distributor and manufacturer.

The users of the dedicated security store are mainly fireworks retailers in the suburbs, townships and villages. Therefore, it should not be positioned as a fireworks retail store but as a comprehensive service platform for the rural festive culture industry.

Fireworks and firecrackers are cultural commodities, and they are part of the cultural industry. They often become an important carrier for people to express their thoughts and emotions together with other cultural products such as candy and wine. They can completely build dedicated security storage warehouses into festive cultural comprehensive service platforms.

The platform is not only selling fireworks but also selling festive banquet supplies; it is both a platform for propagating traditional fireworks culture and a training platform for the safe discharge of fireworks; it can be used as a negotiator for small-scale cultural celebrations in rural areas, including small fireworks, and it can also be used as an organizing and implementing activity. (Requires professional training). It not only satisfies the market demand of the people for the fireworks show, but also greatly reduces the risk of self-discharge of fireworks, and also increases the income of the terminal operators, so as to achieve the government's confidence, the regulatory department to worry, the operators comfortable, the people happy and win-win situation.

Second, in the promotion model can be guided by the local government, and provide a certain amount of financial support to encourage retail terminal owners to use safe storage warehouses; can also be run by wholesale management companies, fireworks production companies, warehouse production companies in emergency rescue management and other related functional departments Next, take a market-oriented operation.

In recent years, supply and marketing cooperatives in all provinces have vigorously promoted the restoration of grassroots social organizations in rural areas and put forward corresponding goals. For example, Jiangxi Province proposes to establish 10,000 standardized village recycling sites in 5 years, to standardize the construction of 100 fireworks and firecrackers distribution centers; to complete the supply and marketing logistics systems and storage centers at all levels in provinces, cities, and counties; to undertake counties to townships and villages to villages. The rural distribution will open up the “last mile” of rural logistics. If we can use the joint promotion of supply and marketing systems around the country, we will achieve better results.

Fireworks and firecrackers in traditional Chinese culture are not only floods and beasts, but also the quintessence of China’s 5,000-year-old working people’s culture and wisdom. They are an important vehicle for people to vent their emotions, express their emotions, express their joys and sorrows, and celebrate the blessings. They are the most beautiful people in China. Traditional, simplest way of expression.

As long as we adopt a more scientific, more complete, and more effective method and use innovative thinking to strengthen supervision and guide consumption, we will certainly eliminate all kinds of hidden dangers in advance and ensure a better life for the happiness and security of the general public.

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