Storage precautions for fireworks and firecrackers

- Apr 16, 2018-

Fireworks sales outlets, MUST do four things, that is the fixed location for franchising , specially designed warehouse, specialized shop sales, specialized personnel sales, must have the fire protection equipment, shall not be set flow trucks, mobile stalls and street selling fireworks.

1. Fireworks retail outlets shall not operate other inflammable and explosive goods;

2. Exclusive storage and sales of special counters;

3. Fireworks and firecrackers shall be classified according to the drugs, semi-finished products and finished products, and the special inventory shall be released.

4. Warehouse setting should conform to the requirements of the safety specifications for design of fireworks factory, ensure warehouse internal and external security distance, set up a safety evacuation exit, installation or equipped with fire prevention, guard against theft, moisture, ventilation, insects injury rat bite, rain, lightning protection equipment, facilities or equipment.

5. The storehouse should publicize the safety management system of the warehouse and the warning signs such as "dangerous goods warehouse, forbidden fireworks".

6. A room on the wood floor, crib frame and wooden cases using nails, nail head than board more than 3 mm, outer surface to nail hole filled with putty, the warehouse of the floor, the ground to place the crib frame 30 cm high, and spread to barrier material.

7. Corresponding fire hydrants, water tanks, fire extinguishers, sandbags and other fire-fighting equipment and tools shall be set up in the warehouse area, and a fire barrier with a width of 15cm-20cm shall be placed around the warehouse.

8. There should be dry and wet thermometer in the warehouse, so as to check the temperature and humidity in time, so as to ensure moisture, humidity and ventilation.

9. Library wall, column, between the top and stacking, library should have proper spacing between the rolls stacking, as channel and ventilation lane width should not be less than 2 m, in the main storage should not be less than 0.7 m, the distance between wall, between the column and stacking library should not be less than 0.3 m.

10. The height of stacking in the warehouse shall not be greater than 1.5m for semi-finished products and finished products, and the finished products shall be no more than 2.5m.

11. Wooden packing, it is forbidden to carry out unpacking, nail box and other work that may cause explosion in the warehouse.

12. No furnace shall be installed in the warehouse, no electric soldering iron shall be used, no smoking shall be allowed, no office or rest room shall be installed, no one shall be allowed to live in the warehouse, and shall not be used for packaging, processing, packing, etc.

13. The custodian and the loading and unloading personnel shall handle the goods with light weight, without pushing, dragging, bumping or rubbing.

14. The warehouse shall be kept clean and stacked, and there shall be no combustible and explosive items scattered around the floor or warehouse, and no hard shoes and nails shall be worn into the storehouse.

15. The retail site shall have more than one professional safety supervision and management personnel;

16. The retail outlets should have clear warning signs or warning signs and post safety management systems and operating procedures.

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