Suitable for people of all ages

- Feb 06, 2018-

10-inch hand-held gold electro-optic flower Hand-held electro-optical fireworks Fairy sticks fireworks line of fireworks Iron wire fireworks sparklers are a kind of fireworks products, this product uses a lower ignition metal powder, after a certain percentage of processed sparks, Mars sparkling, although it will bring a little smoke, but it will not affect the overall effect, shooting Mars, do not have to worry about burning clothes. Hair, etc., note that the burning point of sparkling a certain temperature, therefore, not easy Flammable contact, sparkling in the hands of the discharge, different specifications, indoor and outdoor discharge can be, good safety performance, suitable for all ages, especially children, couples, parties, bars, KTV use, Discharge the excitement of passion. It is a family reunion party and other types of party to enjoy the best.

Types of sparklers

Length: 7 inches, 10 inches, 12 inches, 18 inches, 28 inches, 36 inches

Color: gold, red, green

The difference between high quality sparklers and low quality sparklers

The quality of sparks depends on two important factors. The first is raw materials, the current use of raw materials spent a few tens of thousands of tons of tons to tens of thousands of yuan a ton. Some illegal manufacturers use low-quality raw materials to make huge profits. When they are released, they scatter the sparks badly and may be hot. The quality of the sparkling flower discharge products presented silver white, less dregs, almost no residual material, smell light, low-quality spark discharge flower shaped red, dregs more, and there are massive material spray, heavy smell .