The basic knowledge of confettis

- Jun 20, 2018-

Brief introduction:

Confetti is a type of fireworks. It uses compressed gas as its launching power and uses a variety of beautiful colored paper as its content.Just twist the launch switch, and in a matter of moment, colorful contents such as colorful rings, colored flowers, ribbons, colorful umbrellas, cartoon shapes, etc. can be sprayed into the air of 3 to 26 meters, and the content slowly forms in the sky to create a spectacular and magnificent scenes, and the warm and enthusiastic atmosphere will be promoted to the climax.


Features and Applications:

Confetti has the characteristics of non-gunpowder explosion source, non-toxic gas, safe and reliable production, storage and transportation, and is widely used in wedding celebrations, birthdays, birthdays, opening ceremony, entertainment programs, theatrical performances, sports events, holiday celebrations and other festive occasion.




Product specifications:

Confetti is composed of a launch tube, contents and compressed air. The launch tube can be a paper tube or a PVC tube. The diameter of the tube is generally 4 to 5cm. The starting mode is divided into twisting mode and button mode. The contents also have many kinds, such as aluminum sheets, colored paper, plastic flowers and so on. The shape of the contents can be customized according to the customer's needs. Common types are heart-shaped, flower-shaped, ribbon, square, rose, dollar and so on.Champion fireworks provide all kinds of high quality confetties. Please visit our web: to know more product information.  


Due to the use of compressed gas as the launching power, the tank contains high-pressure gas, the pressure is high, and the tank is sealed. It is very easy to explode, especially when it is squeezed and collided and when the summer temperatures are high. Most of the tanks are made of metal materials. The edges of the debris after the explosion are sharp. The fragments are splashed around and are very powerful. It is no less than a bomb. Fragments can be easily cut into the depths of the human body. Once they are hit by debris, they can be bruised and bruised.


Shockproof, anti-squeeze, anti-collision, anti-sunshine. Keep away from sources of ignition and store in a cool, dark, dry and ventilated place. Use with care, children are prohibited from playing, minors may not operate.