The basic knowledge of sparklers fireworks

- Jun 06, 2018-

About sparklers fireworks

Sparklers are a kind of fireworks products. This product is made of metal powder with a low burning point. During the burning of sparklers, Mars will be fired. Although it will produce smoke, it will not affect the overall effect. As for Mars, there is no need to worry about burning clothes and hair. It is important to note that the burning point of sparklers has a certain temperature. Therefore, it should not be in contact with flammable materials. Sparklers can be played on the hand, there are many specifications to choose from, indoor and outdoor discharge can be, safety performance is good, suitable for people of all ages, especially children, couples, parties, bars, KTV, etc., to create excitement and Passion. It is a must-have for family gatherings and other kinds of evening parties.

Types of sparklers

Length: 7 inches, 10 inches, 12 inches,14 inches,16 inches, 18 inches, 28 inches, 36 inches

Modeling: Star, Heart, Math, Straight, LOVE, HAPPY

Color: Gold, Red, Green

Other type:thunder sparkler,U-turn sparkler, whistling sparkler.

The difference between high-quality sparklers and inferior sparklers

The quality of sparklers depends on two important factors. The first is raw materials. Currently, the raw materials used in sparklers range from a few tons to a few tens of thousands of yuan. Some illegal producers use poor quality raw materials to extract huge profits. When they are fired on Mars, they have serious dregs and may be hot. The high-quality sparklers display a silver-white flower shape with little dregs when they are discharged. There are almost no residual substances, and the odor is light. The low-quality sparklers have more red flowers and more dregs when they are discharged, and there are massive materials that emit heavy smell.

Picture of sparklers