The boom in early-warning risk about China fireworks in EU

- Dec 24, 2018-

 EU Rapid Alert System for non-food dangerous products
(RAPEX).Its survey reports show that early-warning risk about China fireworks arised rapidly in current years. There are some causes as follows,
1.Problem of Stability: items can’t stand upward steadily during setting off.
2.Sound level beyond the value in the Standard,its sound too big.
3.Labelling failed.
4.Latent injury to customer’s sense of seeing and hearing.

China fireworks institutes, enterprises,Third Party and official dept.relevant are following up and making an corrective and preventive actions about it.but it will be a bit long way to go.


China exports about 10 million boxes of fireworks and firecrackers per year, accounting for about 37% of the total fireworks exports. Frequent risk warning notifications not only have a negative impact on the international reputation of China's fireworks and firecrackers, but also cause commercial disputes between domestic manufacturers and EU traders, which is not conducive to the export of fireworks products.

According to the plan, the EU will implement the newly revised pyrotechnic command from July 1, 2015 to further tighten the safety regulations for fireworks products. Therefore, it is necessary to take prompt measures to reduce the impact on China's fireworks exports: First, strengthen the EU fireworks regulations and EU standards publicity and training, reminding enterprises not to cater to the importer's one-sided pursuit of product effects when signing contracts, pay attention to control risks The second is to strengthen communication with the EU, to eliminate the differences between the two parties on the understanding and application of relevant provisions; third, to develop a unified international standard for fireworks and firecrackers products as soon as possible within the framework of the International Organization for Standardization.