The intelligent management of fireworks enterprises will change the appearance of safe production

- Jul 02, 2018-

Industry development, safety first. The high risk of the fireworks and firecracker industry is well known, and the safety is also fully guaranteed, but there are still dozens of accidents and nearly 100 casualties in small industries every year! There are three reasons for this. One is the neglect of safety by enterprises and employees, the second is the backwardness of production methods, and the third is the high-risk nature of the industry itself.

The safety management of the fireworks and firecracker industry has regulations, regulations, methods, standards, regulations, systems, institutions, and personnel, but the rules and regulations are enforced by people! Without effective means, no matter how good the rules and regulations are. In order to improve the safety management level of fireworks and firecrackers in essence, it is necessary to change the current practice of rectification and accountability after an accident, but to strengthen accident warning and risk prevention and control as the top priority. The first time to inform the management personnel to take measures to fundamentally change the current safety management methods of fireworks and firecrackers.

The FSS fireworks and firecracker safety production supervision system developed by Beijing Zhongan Xinhe Technology Co., Ltd. discovers and stops violations through technical means, uses technical means to ensure the implementation of safety requirements, and changes the safety production appearance of the fireworks and firecrackers industry.


The FSS fireworks and firecracker safety production supervision system first applies modern information technology such as artificial intelligence, big data, independent learning, image recognition, etc., intelligently transforms the monitoring system already installed by the fireworks enterprise, and uses the robot intelligence to identify the number of production site operators. To discriminate the violations of the super-persons and automatically send warning information to the management personnel so as to promptly intervene and dispose of them.

Intelligent monitoring also intercepts job images from time to time and pushes them to management personnel to prevent illegal operations and changes in the use of the workplace and over-production. Secondly, establish internal material flow management, establish management through the logical relationship between raw materials, processing and products. Rules, put an end to the behavior of super-drug; in addition, based on intelligent monitoring and material management, the company's production and safety management behaviors are integrated into the FSS fireworks and firecracker safety production supervision system, forming a comprehensive management system of the enterprise, the government's Effective supervision system, a powerful containment tool for the "three super one change" problem of the old and the poor.


The mandatory standard “General Technical Conditions for Fireworks and Firecracker Enterprise Security Monitoring System” promulgated in 2008, because the standard setting is limited by the technology at that time, the monitoring system needs the enterprise to be equipped with monitoring and management personnel for continuous view management, and many enterprises are not equipped with monitoring and management personnel. Even if it is equipped, it can not do a good job of viewing and management, timely discovering and eliminating potential safety hazards, and the use of monitoring systems is in the form. In order to solve the problem of the use of the monitoring system, some areas transmit the enterprise monitoring information to the government department in real time, and the government department arranges personnel to check the safety production situation of the enterprise. The safety production law clearly stipulates that enterprises are the main responsibility of production safety, and the government's responsibility is supervision and law enforcement. For the existing fireworks and firecracker safety monitoring system, enterprises do not need to be responsible for their own safety production responsibility. The government department replaces the enterprise management specific affairs is offside. The positional exchange between the two is unclear, resulting in the promotion of safety supervision. Passive disadvantages.

The machine identification of the FSS fireworks and firecracker safety production supervision system will reverse the problem of the current use of the monitoring system, and at the same time, it has the means and methods for drug management. Through the promotion and use of the system, the responsibility of safety management is returned to the enterprise, which is conducive to the implementation of the main responsibility of the enterprise. Pushing the daily dynamic security management status of the enterprise to the corresponding government departments, providing basic data and methods for the government's supervision, and clarifying the responsibility relationship between the enterprise and the government in terms of safety production, which will certainly benefit the safe production of the fireworks and firecrackers industry. Improve and improve.

As of June 30, 2018, the FSS fireworks and firecracker safety production supervision system has successfully completed all development and testing work, and is in Liuyang Dongxin Fireworks Group, Shangli County Hongbaoshan Fireworks and Firecracker Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and Fuling Kefu Fireworks Industry. Co., Ltd., Liuyang City, Niushi Export Fireworks Factory and other units pilot, after a long-term trial, reached the system design requirements, completed the pilot objectives of field deployment and application.

The successful development and deployment of FSS fireworks and firecracker safety production supervision system will provide enterprises with a powerful grasp of safety supervision, making safety management work from extensive to fine, from decentralized to centralized, passive to active, not only improving the effectiveness of safety supervision. Sexuality can also help companies gradually establish and improve safety standards, work processes and management systems, and provide reliable and stable technical support for the company's safe production.

What is more rare is that the FSS fireworks and firecrackers safety production supervision system only adds intelligent identification equipment, a small amount of computer equipment, and weighing and reading equipment to existing enterprise monitoring systems, creating advantages such as easy retrofitting, low investment, and ease of use. Less money, more work, for the benefit of the industry.