There are more days and reasons for firing firecrackers

- Feb 06, 2018-

In the new year, there are more days and reasons for firing firecrackers.

The first day of the first lunar month, firecrackers were fired, called "open firecracker" or "open firearm." Early is to exorcise evil and evil, "Jing Chu Chronicles," recorded in the Southern People's Liberation Fireworks performance is such an appeal. Later, it was to "welcome new", said "open the door", "happy to open the door." However, the firing of open-door guns more stress, only put 3 rings, unlike today's crackling, put a mess.

The first day of the fifth month put the firecrackers called "market firecrackers", also known as "Burma City." The first day of the fifth lunar month is the legendary God of Wealth birthday, which opens in the door of Fortuna's birthday, meaning "New Year fortune." On this day, the ancients will get up early, "Fortune." God of Wealth also known as "God on the road", so after the fortune called "pick the road." In the Qing dynasty, Gu Tie-qing led Cai Yun's Zhuzhuan Ci in Qing dynasty's records, thus describing the situation of the God of Wealth welcoming people in the fifth lunar January of the first lunar month: "Beware of other places approaching God as early as possible and holding the road overnight in a hurry."

The wealth of folk beliefs in many, one of them named Zhao Gongming, called "Marshal Zhao," said he was blind both eyes, often riding a tiger for the people to send blessings to send money. Due to bad eyes, listening to the sound of the go, so the ancient talent up early, releasing fireworks attract the God of Wealth, who firecrackers most of the first Fortune who, so every family striving to set off.

The ancients also like to choose to open the door in the eighth day, eighth day is the first new year, "made the day", business people of course, most like to choose to open this day, the fireworks loudly loudly, meaning "big Make a fortune. "

The New Year fireworks, the ancients pay special attention to "a ring in the end," the middle can not turn off or dumb sound, or not a good sign, the new year will encounter "doom." Because of this stress, the ancients on the quality of firecrackers are valued, do not set off "broken firecrackers."