Useful many

- Feb 06, 2018-

Close year, the taste getting stronger. Can not help but think of a common topic: the release of fireworks.

As we all know, the four great inventions are the pride of our Chinese people. One of them is gunpowder. This major invention of the ancestors was supposed to be mainly used for production and warfare, only occasionally used during the Chinese New Year.

In today's harmonious society, electricity is produced and war is not always encountered. However, the gunpowder smoke, explosive sound is increasing, that is caused by fireworks. Nowadays, fireworks and firecrackers are to be set aside both for weddings and funerals as well as for holidays and festivals. I understand this tradition and complex of the Chinese people. However, the thinking and ways of setting off firecrackers are really annoying, annoying or even scared. Whether it is early morning or night, often in the sleep Meng Meng was awakened. Sometimes walking in the streets, fireworks opened by the roadside frightened. The prevalence of firecrackers, more than early, more than, longer ... ... a word is better than the rich, stronger than the ruthless comparisons emotions intensified.

Luminous effect is a major effect of fireworks. Whether it can play a lighting effect of the lighting agent, or to produce bright star agents, can produce a flash of the effects of agents, they produce fireworks effects are inseparable from the luminous effect.

The use of fireworks pharmaceutical products after the burning effect of light generated in the pharmaceutical, such as the increase of metal powder (such as aluminum, magnesium alloy powder, etc.) in the pharmaceutical combustion can generate solid and liquid products, then dissociate a lot of light energy and Heat radiation, luminous intensity of hundreds of thousands of international candlelight, the temperature up to thousands of degrees. Fireworks Pharmacy is the use of this luminous effect and play a role in lighting. Re-use of this luminous effect, can produce different sizes and different shapes of various lights (bombs).