Voice to the impressive transition and progress

- Feb 06, 2018-

Now, fireworks production is undergoing the "industrial revolution", fireworks production efficiency multiples of geometric multiples. Fireworks sales strictly follow the "profit rules." Fireworks cultural heritage who fall into the "whirlpool." In the pursuit of immediate profit on the road "unswervingly." The profit will only recognize "the most approved products", so more fireworks factory began to search for "bus" -style products, looking forward to all netfalls. Coupled with the marketing of high-profit low-cost pursuit of the root causes of natural fireworks products tend to be homogenized. Blindly cater to the market demand, excessive packaging, the perfect "body", so that the fireworks "temperament lost", "connotation of all", a serious departure from the emotional and art of the essence of fireworks. But the actual situation is worse, the higher the production efficiency, the lower the profitability; the more you want to meet the market, the worse the market acceptance. This is the completion of fireworks production and marketing companies in the empathy of "self-castration", the art of fireworks is now under unprecedented test.

Fireworks are a culture created by our ancestors.

Why fireworks? Why fireworks can become a cultural phenomenon? It may be a lot of people, even the fireworks industry, we are still very vague concept. Mr. Zhao Shu, a famous folk artist, had an understanding during the 2009 major discussion on banning and releasing fireworks and firecrackers. Why fireworks? Because this is the people's time life, time is no sound, invisible, in order for all people to spend together a solemn moment, a life or a year has a role in the moment It is only through this cultural phenomenon that we have a voice and an image so that at the same time all of us feel that the New Year is coming, can we strengthen the solidarity and cohesion of our nation.

Sound is an alarm clock, awakened "sleeping" people, deepen the impression of the moment. The striking bells and drums appear in too many important moments and scenes in history, but it is hard to "fly into the homes of ordinary people." Ordinary home weddings, important moments so there was the emergence of fireworks, has become a "home ceremony" cultural symbols, a folk. From firecrackers to fireworks also reflects the sound to the impressive transition and progress.