2018 China (Liuyang) International Fireworks Fair Opening On May 31

- May 17, 2018-

The traditional industry and modern technology complement each other, safety, environmental protection and scientific and technological innovation are all-embracing, all-round display of new achievements in the fireworks industry, panoramic display of the fireworks industry's entire industry chain, May 31 to June 2, 2018 China (Liuyang) international fireworks fair (hereinafter referred to as "the fair") will be held at the International Fireworks Trade City, Dayao Town, Liuyang City.

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As an industry where the upstream and downstream chains of Hunan Province are the most concentrated and complete, the modern industry has injected a new glory into the millennium tradition of Liuyang Fireworks. This fair was sponsored by the Liuyang Fireworks and Firecrackers Association, Liuyang Daily Newspaper Development Co., Ltd., the Dayao Fireworks Industry Chamber of Commerce, and the Liuyang Fireworks Firecrackers Toy Fireworks Branch.

"The world of fireworks to see Liuyang", with this theme, the fair is committed to creating the history of the largest fireworks industry full-chain exhibition, leading security, environmental protection, technology development.

Liuyang Fireworks stunning night sky.

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VR experience, smart fireworks, fireworks "black technology"...

New Definition "World Fireworks Look at Liuyang"

This is an unprecedented panoramic exhibition of the fireworks industry.

More than 400 standard booths and 9 special booths, the exhibition planning area reached 12,000 square meters. “The scale is unprecedented.” According to the relevant person in charge of the exhibition organizing committee, the companies that have confirmed to be exhibited not only include fireworks and firecrackers, but also extend to the upstream raw and auxiliary materials, downstream fireworks companies, and tertiary production facilities. Will attract fireworks dealers and exhibitors from nearly 30 provinces, cities, and autonomous regions in Anhui, Shandong, Liaoning, and Sichuan to visit the show, as well as foreign businessmen from more than 10 countries including the United States, Belgium, Spain, India and Indonesia. Exhibition.

It is reported that the fair will launch the China Fireworks Display Exhibition and the 17th Safety Production Month Launching Ceremony, "New Products, New Materials, New Processes, and New Machinery" will be displayed. The Chinese Fireworks and Firecrackers Association will unveil the board of experts, fireworks industry and cultural highlights. Four events including the Forum, the 4th China Fireworks Culture Industry Expo and the 4th Fireworks Cultural Industry Expo in China featured a comprehensive promotion of industry brands, a solid industry foundation, and a professional convention and exhibition to fully consolidate Liuyang’s leading role in fireworks and fireworks.

This is also a new experience that subverts the traditional concept of fireworks. More scientific, safer and more environmentally friendly. At that time, the fair will expose the exhibitors through the VR technology to experience the lighting effect, display the remotely operated, time-launched chariot fireworks, and a variety of the latest smart products.

The fair will not only take into account the overall situation, but also highlight the personality. According to the product category, fireworks, fireworks, toy fireworks, fireworks, machinery, raw materials and other exhibition areas will be set up. While displaying the industrial development process as a whole, the featured enterprises will be promoted to create a number of well-known brands.

Modern science and technology promote the development of traditional industries. The picture shows people in the industry knowing the status of fireworks machinery.

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Industry depth dialogue, industry seamless docking...

Panorama display fireworks full industry chain

This will also be the largest "industry fair" in the history of the industry. A field forum will promote the exchange of production areas and production areas; one market ordering meeting will deepen the seamless connection between production areas and sales areas; once and for all, the collision of ideas will upgrade the “depth dialogue” of the entire industry chain between upstream and downstream. .

This year is the "year of industrial project construction" in Hunan Province. Hunan Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government proposed that we must vigorously promote the construction of industrial projects, highlight the real economy, and seize the core of intelligent manufacturing. With science and technology as the driving force, the fireworks industry has been making efforts to return to the origin of "safety and environmental protection." The fireworks industry is relying on scientific and technological strength and is launching new vitality.

The 2018 China (Liuyang) International Fireworks and Fireworks Fair is in line with the new situation. It starts from the whole industry chain, displays the specific conditions of the fireworks industry upstream and downstream, and through big data analysis, enables visitors to vividly understand the entire industry chain of fireworks. Every link.

How a firework is produced, what chains constitute the fireworks industry, how are the upstream and downstream interactions in the fireworks industry chain, how does the new art of firework machinery subvert the traditional technological process, and how does the firework outer cylinder (without soil) cover machine start production? ... From the traditional to the modern, from culture to industry, from production to discharge, from creativity to planning, at the fair, a complete fireworks industry chain is in sight.

Liuyang fireworks industry's development has attracted the attention of the world. The picture shows foreigners are learning about the status of fireworks machinery.

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Implementing the “Navigation Project” to deepen the fireworks and firecrackers industry chain...

Fully consolidate the leading position of Liuyang Fireworks

In the hometown of fireworks in the world, Liuyang, in the town of fireworks, Dayao Town, to create the history of the largest fireworks full-industry chain exhibition, from the Liuyang Fireworks Foundation: in the capacity, adjust the structure, eliminate and close some of the safety behind the fireworks manufacturers Under the premise of 2016, Liuyang fireworks industry achieved a total output value of 22.82 billion yuan, an increase of 9.7% year-on-year, including export sales of 3.15 billion yuan, an increase of 14.1% year-on-year; domestic sales of 14.45 billion yuan, an increase of 9.5%; raw and auxiliary materials and Related industries realized 5.22 billion yuan, an increase of 7.6% over the same period last year.

In 2018, Liuyang thoroughly implemented the “Pilotage Project” of Liuyang Fireworks, focusing on deepening the industrial chain of fireworks and firecrackers and fully consolidating the leading position of Liuyang Fireworks. Among them, an important measure is to develop the headquarters economy, make up for shortcomings, and guide media publicity in order to consolidate the industrial base.

In the same period, the Fourth Yaohua Culture Industry Expo held in Dayao will be based on the theme of “Liu Yao” and will rely on the rich material and splendid culture spawned by the fireworks and commemorating the 1417th anniversary of the birthday of the first ancestor of the fireworks ancestor, Li Shixian. The exhibition of cum characteristic cultural products, the media of Hunan and Guizhou borders, the painting of Changsha City painter Da Yao, and other activities showed the fireworks culture of DaYi, which has a long history, and presented a cultural and commercial feast to the people of Hunan, Hunan and Guizhou to create a “culture and tourism industry”. "Two-wheel drive featured fireworks town provides important support.

As a leading fireworks manufacturer of Liuyang, champion fireworks will invest a lot of manpower and financial resources to participate in this fair and show our best fireworks products to fireworks importers all over the world.

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