A Collision Between Chinese Fireworkers And Japanese Fireworkers

- May 29, 2018-

Liuyang Fireworks Enterprises Participate in International Fireworks Forum


In Daeki, Akita Prefecture, Japan, the “Daqu Flower Fire” held in August each year is one of the three major fireworks exhibitions in Japan. It attracts millions of visitors each year to visit and has a history of more than 100 years. At the same time, the “National Flower Fire Competition” is held. Let fireworks masters from all over Japan work out all kinds of gorgeous fireworks.


Recently, in this prestigious “Huahuo” town, a 12-minute “Impression of the East” music show has been accompanied by Chinese folk music such as erhu and gong, and special effects fireworks and shells have been skillfully arranged. The ever-changing fireworks are woven into the sky, allowing local residents and fireworks from around the world to experience a unique "Chinese style" fireworks display.


This "very rare in Japan" fireworks show from Liuyang, China, was performed by the Hunan Dream Fireworks and Hunan Fireworks Troupe. "This time coincides with the 16th International Fireworks Forum held in Akita Daqu. We hope to make a Chinese-style fireworks show for people from all over the world." Li Wenquan, head of international trade of the Fireworks Troupe, said that the fireworks are Show the world the level of Chinese fireworks.


Firing equipment and products are all manufactured in Liuyang


As early as this year's Spring Festival, the Fireworks Troupe learned about this information.


The International Fireworks Forum has been developed and inherited for more than 20 years. It is a world-class fireworks event. Forum members come from more than 20 countries in the world and enjoy a high reputation in the fireworks industry. This year's 16th International Fireworks Forum was held in the famous fireworks resort of Akita, Japan.


Chinese fireworks, Liuyang Fireworks how to play on such a world stage? The Cavaliers insisted on doing an art fireworks with Chinese characteristics. “We prepared a total of three or four months. From discharge equipment, discharge design, and discharge of lighting to all of us in Liuyang, China.” Even the Japanese fireworks that are generally considered excellent in the industry The bomb products were also excluded by the Fireworks Theatre Group. Li Wenquan said that "all the products used in the discharge are excellent and excellent products, and transported from the domestic past". These insistences are all to create a pure Chinese fireworks.


This persistence has caused them to encounter a lot of troubles. During the process of going to Japan, the four-person team took nearly 300 kilograms of equipment and made them tired. But this persistence also made the Liuyang fireworks in China appear to be very different at the International Fireworks Forum.


“We have brought special effects racks, ignition modules and other equipment to allow local companies in Japan to say that they are an eye-opener. Many of the equipment they have never seen before.” Li Wenquan is proud to be here and is in the process of firing construction in Japan. A batch of batches of Japanese local fireworks enterprises came to visit and were very surprised by the equipment from Liuyang, China.


Not only that, the International Fireworks Forum, Liuyang Dream Fireworks, Dongxin Fireworks, Jinsheng Fireworks, New Year Fireworks and other companies have all participated in the exhibition, participated in corporate exhibitions, or participated in the lighting show, bringing with them the latest research on Liuyang Fireworks. Achievements.


Especially in the fireworks show, in addition to Canada, Spain and other national teams, China has two representative teams to perform the show. The Fireworks Troupe's "Chinese style" fireworks are particularly dazzling. “We distinguish it from the Japanese traditional form. Under the background music, we highlight the single product-based lighting layout. Fireworks and music are combined more closely. Through the arrangement, a variety of products are presented at the same time, and the effect is more abundant.” Huang Hua, General Manager, Hua Huo Opera Group Into the introduction, the end of the performance, it has been highly praised by foreign teams and local Japanese companies.



Sino-Japanese team gains experience in communication


Behind this special "Chinese style" fireworks, there is also the exchange and collision between the Chinese firing team and local Japanese companies. In the local area of Daqu, Komatsu Pyrotechnics provided warehouse space and personnel support for the setting up of the Fireworks Troupe. In this cooperation, the team from China had to be impressed by the strict work style of the Japanese.


During the discharge, the Cavaliers used four music hosts, one audio host, 110 ignition modules, 50 module patch panels, and 4 wireless transceivers. Many of these devices have never been contacted by Japanese companies. . Let the Cavaliers think that admiration is that in the face of these unfamiliar devices, the Japanese people’s execution is still astonishing. As long as they tell them how to operate, they will definitely finish it meticulously.


“To tell the truth, with so many devices, we were able to pick the wrong ones when we were constructing ourselves, but they cooperated with each other very well.” Li Wenquan lamented that the Japanese’s work is carefully detailed to every detail, “In the installation process, use a few The board must be very clear."


The Chinese team even admired and moved the fact that after the completion of the discharge, all Japanese staff members not only helped the Chinese team clean up their equipment, but everyone went to the fire place to pick up the sandbags on the ground. , Placed in a neat row, so that the firing site was restored to the neat construction before construction. "This kind of seriousness and dedication to detail is worth our study."


Huang Cheng also believes that this time Liuyang companies went to Japan to participate in the International Fireworks Forum is a good opportunity to communicate and learn with local companies. When the Chinese team sees rigorous style in Japanese companies, Japanese companies are also seeing new ideas from the Chinese team.


“In the past, Japanese fireworks were discharged at an angle of 90 degrees from the ground.” Huang Cheng said, and when the fireworks company was set off in Japan, the multi-angle design of the fireworks made Japanese local companies feel very new and kept asking questions. How to achieve different levels of discharge, can show what kind of effect.


Originally, the Japanese side did not agree with the large-angle firing, and finally through the running-in, the Cavaliers had changed the plan from 45-50 degrees to 80-90 degrees. The effect exhibited by the fireworks still surprised local companies. After the owner of the Komatsu Pyrotechnics finished its discharge, he even excitedly embraced the Chinese dischargers. Li Wenquan said with a smile: "A lot of foreign friends say that we can release such fireworks in Japan is not easy."


"The fireworks and dream fireworks are not cost-free in Japan this time." Huang Cheng said that they hope to use this platform and this opportunity to display the level of Chinese fireworks and let the world see the technology and creativity of Chinese fireworks.


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Daqu How to Maximize the Fireworks Culture


This trip to Japan made Li Wenquan's mobile phone have many photos, and one of them was opened. They are the scenery of Daqu, and fireworks are everywhere.


Each year, Daqu’s fireworks festival attracts numerous tourists, making fireworks the most famous tourist sign here. In fact, Daqu is not a fireworks producing region, but it still makes fireworks culture the ultimate. "Metro shops and restaurants, everywhere on the road are fireworks culture." This ubiquitous fireworks elements shocked the Chinese team from the hometown of fireworks.


The steps of the subway exit are painted with fireworks. The exit of the subway station is a 48-inch shell model. Even a video store on the roadside, a glass window is set up to display various fireworks samples. Walking into the shops, tourist souvenirs inside, neckties, chopsticks, handkerchiefs, mobile phone accessories, biscuits and other products, whether it is eaten or used, are "branded" with fireworks.


The added value of fireworks products here is very high. “There is a drug-free sample of a 6-inch shell in the shop, which is packaged as a gift worth RMB 200.” Li Wenquan said that in China, the price of a product with the same size of a painted shell is not more than 100 yuan. Ordinary supermarkets near Daqu Road can also see many handheld toy fireworks sold on the shelves. A small package of products can be sold for 100 yuan. In fact, these products are from Liuyang, China, and the ex-factory price is up to 10 yuan.


In Daqu, fireworks culture is creating more added value for fireworks products. In the hearts of the local people, fireworks have an irreplaceable meaning. It is not only a commodity, but also a crystallization of the wisdom of the predecessors. It is a traditional folklore and culture. Both the government and the enterprise are vigorously protecting and promoting this tradition. culture.