A Fire Broke Out In A Fireworks Material Factory In Jiangxi Province, China On June 11th, Killing 2 People

- Jun 15, 2018-

Jiangxi Provincial Bureau of Work Safety Announcement on the Incident of "6·11" in Wanzai Yongsheng Fireworks and Firecrackers Materials Co., Ltd.


Regional Safety Supervision Bureaus:

At about 19:40 on June 11, 2018, Wanzai County Yongsheng Fireworks Firecrackers Co., Ltd. had a burning accident, killing two people. The cause of the accident is subject to further investigation and verification.

Since the beginning of this year, 9 fireworks and firecracker accidents have occurred throughout the province, and 8 people have been killed. Among them, fireworks and firecracker production accidents in Wanju County have occurred frequently. Five fireworks and firecracker accidents occurred, 5 people died, and 55.6% of accidents accounted for deaths. 62.5%.

The occurrence of these accidents fully exposed some prominent problems in the current production safety of fireworks and firecrackers in Wanxian County. First, the county and township frontline safety supervision was not in place, the safety inspection work was flawed, the responsibility was not yet implemented, the hidden troubles were not thoroughly investigated, and the crackdown was insufficient. . During the inspection, it was found that Zhutan Township, Wanban County, continued to organize production behavior oversight of expired licenses within its jurisdiction, and did not stop or punish them. Second, the company’s production safety management is chaotic, subcontracting and subcontracting, “three violations” (violation command, illegal operation, violation of labor discipline) and “three super changes” (overcapacity, over-dosing, over-range, and change of the use of workshops) Employees’ awareness of security issues is still relatively prominent. In the "4.7" accident of Wanxian Hongyuan Lead Manufacturing Co., Ltd. of Wanxian County, the company had serious subcontracting and subcontracting, and the multiple shareholders each organized production. Wanban County Fireworks Firecrackers Materials Co., Ltd. Yongsheng Lead Wire Branch “6.11” accident, the company has more than one shareholder secretly organized production. Among the five accidents that occurred this year, three were accidents caused by employees failing to clean up their workplaces, illegally carrying medicines, or taking medicine to repair machinery. Third, there are many accidents in the production line manufacturers. Since this year, there have been 3 accidents at Wan Lian in the production line of the fuses.

At present, the production of fireworks and firecrackers has entered the high temperature season, which is the accident-prone and multi-period of fireworks and firecracker production enterprises. In order to draw lessons from the lessons learned from the accident and take the other side, take effective measures and resolutely curb the accident. Now the following requirements are put forward for related work:

First. Solidly promote the "clearing" action for the safety improvement of fireworks and firecrackers. Each production site shall, in accordance with the requirements of the Ten Special Campaigns for Safety Production in the province, and on the basis of the previous “clearance” action, compare the “Safety Regulations for the Production and Operation of Fireworks and Firecrackers” and the “Standards for Determining Potential Hidden Risks of Major Production Accidents of Fireworks and Firecrackers”. Requirements, continue to carry out high-temperature season, flood season fireworks production and management of large-scale investigation, major rectification. It is necessary to focus on the six key points of the “clearing” action, that is, to fully clear the hidden dangers, strictly supervise the supervision, strictly implement the “four laws,” strictly implement the “five ones”, implement joint disciplinary action, and strictly interview and accountability to push forward steadily. , to ensure that the "clear" action measures have achieved substantial results. It is necessary to keep a close eye on hidden dangers, grasp “clearing”, and firmly establish the risk awareness of “hidden dangers are accidents”; we must strictly enforce the law and grasp “clearing” to implement law enforcement inspections through the iron system, iron discipline, and iron hand; Responsibility is focused on “clearing”, observing the responsibility of the local government, taking charge of it, and exercising due diligence on supervision; we must make good use of the mechanism to “clear” and issue regular assessment reports, and implement accountability interviews on areas where remediation efforts are poor, problems are prominent, and accidents are frequent.

Second, earnestly strengthen the special treatment of the fuse. All localities must strictly comply with the "Regulations of the Jiangxi Province Administration of Work Safety on Launching the Special Treatment of the Fuse Line" (Shao'an Supervision Fireworks No. [2018] No. 46) and intensify the special rectification work of the ignition line. Focus on remediation of backward technology, safety conditions are not up to standard enterprises, resolutely eliminate backward production processes and excess production capacity, and vigorously promote safe and reliable production process technology and safety and environmental protection products; resolutely eliminate the closure of small-scale production, low management level, poor quality of personnel, safety The company's guaranteed production line of firewires resolutely cracks down on the illegal production of the fuse line, strengthens the standardized production and safety supervision of the fuse line, prohibits the external sales of self-produced and used enterprises, and strengthens the product flow and transportation safety management of the fuse line. All producing counties (districts) shall establish a detailed account for the flaming line companies within their jurisdiction. Before the end of this month, report the progress of the special rectification program, work station account, and phase work of this area to the Provincial Work Safety Administration.

Third, strict implementation of high temperature weather production regulations and safety measures. At present, high-temperature summer weather has already entered, and the safety supervision departments of all producing cities and counties (districts) must strengthen early warning and forecasting, strictly implement the regulations for suspending production in the high-temperature season, and promptly formulate measures for stopping production of enterprises in the area. Fireworks and firecrackers production enterprises must strengthen temperature monitoring and safe on-site management. According to the requirements of Article 10.1.7 of the “Technical Specification for Fireworks and Firecrackers Safety” (GB11652-2012), the operating procedures that directly contact the pyrotechnic products exceed 34°C, and other dangerous processes. When the room temperature exceeds 36°C and the temperature of the drug rises abnormally or odor occurs, the production operation should be stopped immediately. Corporate drug and finished product warehouses should adopt measures such as cooling and ventilation. During thunder and high-temperature production stoppages, fireworks and firecracker production enterprises must implement personnel protection work on duty, and prohibit unrelated personnel from entering dangerous goods storage areas to prevent the loss or theft of dangerous drugs and products such as black powder, pyrotechnics, and ignition wires. At the same time, enterprises should make full use of the timing of production suspension, continue to strengthen the maintenance of equipment and facilities, technological innovation, personnel education and training, and risk identification management and control. Fully identify enterprise risk points, formulate management and control measures, conduct publicity and education for employees, standardize the behavior of employees in hazardous positions, reduce hidden dangers from the source, and prevent accidents.

Fourth, further crack down on illegal production and business activities. All localities must crack down on illegal and illegal production of fireworks and firecrackers as an important part of the special action of “doing non-response violations” in safety production, and form a pattern of “doing non-doing” in which government organizations, departments are responsible, the whole people participate, group prevention and group management, and concerted efforts are ensured. Work is implemented. We will effectively strengthen the organization and leadership of the work of “fighting non-doing”, clarify the division of responsibilities for the work of “fighting non-doing”, implement responsibilities, and improve the joint enforcement mechanism of departments. The township and township groups that have outstanding problems of illegal production are organized to carry out a comprehensive investigation, focusing on the investigation of expired license companies, exit companies, abandoned factory (field) houses, rented and idled residential buildings, etc., and repeatedly discover illegal production of fireworks. The key villages, key households, and key personnel of the activity must appoint special personnel to supervise by means of package villages, households, and packers. The illegal production and operation of workshops and dens must be cracked down and banned according to law and traced back to the source. To find out and cut off the economic chain of illegal raw materials supply and product sales, severely punished them. Strengthen publicity, education, reporting and rewards, raise people's awareness of self-safety protection, mobilize the enthusiasm of the masses to participate in the “non-doing” work, and create a social atmosphere conducive to “fighting non-doing” work.



Jiangxi Provincial Supervision Bureau

June 14, 2018