A Fireworks Explosion In The Mexican Capital Has Caused Dozens Of People Injured And 19 Deaths

- Jul 09, 2018-

According to Fox News, local Mexican officials said that at least 19 people were killed and dozens injured in a fireworks explosion in Mexico City on Thursday. The deceased included four firefighters and two police officers.


Smoke from the explosion (Photo: Reuters)

The accident occurred in the Tultepec area, about 25 miles north of Mexico City, with a total of four explosions before and after the accident. Mexican civil protection agency Luis Felipe Puente told local media that four small buildings were destroyed during the explosion. A video taken near the scene showed a lot of smoke in the area, and the image showed that the building was destroyed and the ground was burnt.


4 firefighters and 2 police officers killed in rescue (Photo: Reuters)

 According to reports, at least eight victims were local residents of Tultepec, which is also a major fireworks production site in Mexico. Many local residents make a living by making and selling homemade fireworks, and explosions often occur. In June of this year, an explosion in the Tultepec area killed 7 people; in December 2016, a fire broke out in the local fireworks market, killing nearly 36 people.

Civil protection agencies say the Thursday explosion occurred in an illegal underground workshop. The agency said that when the first explosion occurred, nearby people rushed to rescue and then encountered a second explosion.


The scene is a mess (Photo: Reuters)

It is understood that the safety measures of the fireworks workshop and the market have always been a headache for Mexico. Although government laws explicitly prohibit private fireworks, many continue to make powerful firecrackers and bottled rockets and sell them to the public.