A Frenchman Filmed A Chinese Style Cartoon About The Origin Of Fireworks And Was Selected For The Oscar!

- Jul 11, 2018-

The Chinese-style animated short film produced by the Frenchman is called "Achoo". It is only a short 6 minutes. With a dragon's counterattack, Longsheng tells the origin of Chinese fireworks.


The story takes place in ancient China a long time ago. Every Chinese New Year, the sacred dragons will spurt the fire to burn the powder and celebrate the festival;


And the protagonist of the story is this seemingly unusual blue dragon.


But this little dragon is very thin compared with other small partners. After all, other dragons are particularly powerful, and they can spurt fire and light up the night sky.


The little blue dragon is not so lucky. Not only is the figure small, but he is often sneeze and can't be fired. Every day, he is screaming, trying to find a way to break through.

In order to cure his own illness, small blue dragon studied various ancient books and tried his best, but the reality is... rhinitis is really difficult to cure!

Eat chili, useless!

Directly swallowing fire, useless!


Knocking on the stone to get fire, useless!


In short, even if he tossed all the elements related to fire in China, he could not cure the sneezing.

The little blue dragon was ridiculed by other small partners and began to lose confidence in the face of himself.

It can be seen that the New Year is coming, and then there is no way to fire it. There is no way to pass the selection and perform at the celebration! !

One day, Little Blue Dragon got into the lab and found the last possibility for himself.

However, this laboratory is not very Chinese, it seems to be the base of Gege Wu.


The little blue dragon spent a long time and finally made a drop of artifact potion. He didn't expect the incredible thing to happen.

Its sneeze turned the evaporated potion into a colorful light, and even he himself was shocked.

Finally on the day of the selection, the human judges appeared.


Every dragon is stable, and the fire and the spray are magnificent!


The judge was also very happy.


It was the turn of the little blue dragon to appear, and the performance was very bad. Not only did the potion developed was broken, but he also fell like a dog.


The little blue dragon who was ridiculed, in full of anger, dumped all the potions on himself, and then strove to make a big sneeze. Next, it was the moment to witness the miracle.

The sky is full of fireworks, and the beauty is thrilling. He is the champion.


After that, the little blue dragon became very confident and powerful! ! !


Achoo is successfully selected the best animated short film of Oscar in 2018.