Activate Toy Fireworks With Innovation And Market

- Jun 25, 2018-

Toy fireworks have strong entertainment, high safety factor and good creativeness.

Small fireworks are the starting point for Liuyang fireworks. We must adhere to the heritage of craftsmen, lead the development with standards, and develop the small products of Liuyang fireworks better.On the eve of the Dragon Boat Festival, Li Xingu, a toy fireworks branch of the Liuyang Fireworks Association, said with emotion.

Liuyang Fireworks, whose traditional products have gone through millennia, is the first non-material cultural heritage to enter the national directory. However, most of them rely on hand-made, traditional small fireworks products with small drug content, high safety factor, and strong playability are gradually declining.

To this end, in April 2017, Liuyang City Fireworks Bureau together with industry experts launched a research activity on the protection and development of Liuyang Fireworks' outstanding traditional products, and has protected typical and representative fireworks production enterprises and products. The company's six products entered the first batch of protection lists and were awarded.

Supported by the government and relevant departments, the “Implementation Measures for the Protection and Support of Traditional Small Products of Liuyang Firecrackers” is about to be introduced. Under the background of cultural self-confidence, the traditional small products of Liuyang Fireworks will embark on the road to recovery.

Fully promote the "Rejuvenate Toy Fireworks Program"

Toy fireworks through the sound, light, color, shape, for us to show the beautiful posture, beautiful melody, bring too many beautiful memories, but they are also an important cultural symbol of Liuyang out of the country. However, these toy fireworks products, which are full of cultural charm, bear the name of Liuyang Fireworks, and excellent traditional crafts, are disappearing. The crafts are being lost. These excellent toy fireworks varieties are worth our inheritance and excavation! "On November 15, 2016, Wang Xianfeng, president of the Toy Fireworks Branch of Liuyang Fireworks and Firecrackers Association, spent the past 35 years as a fireworks artillery player with scientific research, production, and management experience in fireworks, and called for revitalization of toys with small doses and safety and environmental protection. Fireworks small products.

At the same time, due to the pursuit of “more and more stimulating, bigger and more faceful” on the market, the influence of consumption concepts such as the market has caused serious imbalances in the fireworks industry. The industrialized combination of fireworks that appeared in the late 1980s has now accounted for half of the fireworks market, which has had a huge impact on the development of small products.

Gorky once said that the demise of a craft represents the disappearance of a small museum. "If you think that you have lost or lost the fireworks products, it is a mistake. It is actually a tool, craftsmanship, and heartbeat. The entire system is gone." Liuyang, an unnamed player Fireworkers said so.

In fact, as the security, environmental protection, technology, and innovation policy requirements of the fireworks and firecracker industry are further deepened, the unique advantages of small products will create new growth points and breakthroughs in the fireworks industry, and bring great opportunities.

"These hand-made crafts and related products are creative manual labor and individualized production of materials and artistic production. They have characteristics that cannot be replaced by industrialized production." The municipal party committee and the municipal government attach great importance to it. They were introduced from the 1990s to the present. The relevant support and protection measures affirmed the importance of small products and toy fireworks from the policy level. Their status cannot be ignored.

“Actively strive for the preferential support policies for the development of small products and toy fireworks production enterprises, and focus on supporting small products and toy fireworks enterprises to be superior and stronger.” A report provided by the Liuyang City Fireworks Bureau expressed this.

What is worth mentioning is that small products and toy fireworks have the attributes of the excellent traditional cultural products of the Chinese nation. The traditional craftsmanship contains the cultural values, ideological wisdom and practical experience of the Chinese nation. It is an important part of China's intangible cultural heritage.

“The revitalization of traditional crafts helps to inherit and develop the fine traditional culture of China, preserve the cultural ecology, enrich cultural resources, enhance cultural self-confidence, help to better develop the creativity of manual labor, and nurture and promote the craftsmen who strive for excellence throughout the industry. Spirit, "said Huang Jiangyou, head of the Liuyan City Fireworks Bureau's Control Division.

From the investigation and research activities for the protection of outstanding traditional products, to the issuance of the Administrative Measures for the Identification of Liuyang Fireworks and Small Traditional Products, the publication of the “First Liuyang Fireworks Small Traditional Product Manufacturing Enterprise Directory and Protection Products”, and to the revision of the “Firework Firecracker Classification in Liuyang City” The “Management Implementation Measures” will focus on supporting enterprises that specialize in the production of traditional small products. In accordance with the actual conditions of the industry, the revitalization of small products plan will be carried out in an orderly manner with the support of various departments at all levels in Liuyang City.

Activate "Toy fireworks" with the market

There are few combo fireworks, low technical thresholds, use of machinery in the whole process, high production efficiency, and rapid production value; there are many types of traditional small products, and the technology is complicated, and the technical threshold is high. Although some single varieties can be partially mechanized, they are large. Some varieties still maintain a relatively stable traditional manual production model.

"Compared to similar fireworks, the unique traditional small products are labor-intensive and time-consuming. They often have a much higher price." This is not the case for the six traditional products that the reporter interviewed for the first batch of protection lists.

For the topic of the market, traditional small-product producers do not shy away from it. In their view, if the arts and crafts can only lie in the museum, the vitality is extremely limited, it is with the support of the commercial and market, the traditional craftsmanship can be inherited from generation to generation.

With a market and profits, traditional small-product companies can survive and develop. With more satisfactory rewards, the old craftsmen will be willing to do their jobs, young talents will be willing to enter the line, and craftsmanship will also be possible.

From the earlier production of multiple products, to a later one-factory product, using the market to "renovate small products", this is the transformation of traditional small-product producers thinking. A single, dedicated, top-notch, high-quality product, in this process, the spirit of craftsman who “has done only one thing in one life” has been promoted, attracting customers to come and go for goods, and the company has reaped the benefits of “less is more”. value.

The industry believes that small products such as toy fireworks are the products that best reflect the art and craftsmanship of fireworks, and also the best products for delivering fireworks culture. They have broad prospects in the consumer market. Today, the city’s “discrimination” policy has been tightened, and rural “bans” have followed. This is an opportunity for toy fireworks.

“Small products have many varieties and are highly entertaining. They are in line with the needs of current consumers, especially young consumers. At the same time, due to its small amount of gunpowder and high safety factor, toy fireworks may become a new breakthrough in the fireworks industry. Direction.” said Wang Xianfeng.

“In Western Europe, North America and other regions, toy fireworks account for approximately 45%-75% of the total fireworks; in Southeast Asia, South America and other countries, toy fireworks account for approximately 15%-30% of total fireworks.” One for the United States, Japan According to data from the toy fireworks market conducted by 12 fireworks-selling countries, Italy and Germany and other 17 provinces, toy fireworks has gradually become the most popular fireworks product among consumers in recent years.


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