Americans Celebrate National Day, But Found That Fireworks, Flags, And Barbecues Are Made In China.

- Jul 15, 2018-

Recently, the US Newsweek article reported an interesting phenomenon. On July 4th, the United States Independence Day, American people celebrated this major festival through barbecues, fireworks, and waving stars and stripes. But they found that whether it is a barbecue, fireworks or a national flag, they are labeled "Made in China."


The report pointed out that with the decline of traditional manufacturing in the United States and the rapid development of China's industrialization, a large number of US goods are produced in China. As a result, China has gradually become one of the world's powers and the second largest economy in the world after the United States.

This growth rate has made the United States nervous. Under the policy of US President Trump, Sino-US trade frictions continue, and the United States tries to use trade protectionism to reshape the so-called "unfair global market." In the eyes of the United States, the trade imbalance between the two countries has always been a thorny issue.

However, this trade conflict with China may bring unexpected results to the United States: a sudden drop in imports from China may cause gaps in US daily necessities, including some “special materials” such as barbecues, fireworks and the United States. National flag.

Take fireworks as an example. A market survey conducted by commercial data companies Statisa and ValuePenguin shows that 96% of the US fireworks come from China, with annual imports totaling more than $268 million. The second largest importer of fireworks for Americans is Spain, but the total import is only $5 million. The annual fireworks exported by American companies are less than $7 million. It seems that China's dominant position in the US fireworks market is obvious.

The flag is also a must for the festival. The data shows that most of the American flag is also produced in China. In 2014, of the $4 million imported flag in the United States, $3.9 million was placed in China. This astonishing proportion has also caused anger among some American patriots. Some legislators have asked for new regulations prohibiting the purchase of imported flags, thus supporting the American-made flag. For example, the US military will no longer allow the use of any imported flag.

This regulation has achieved certain results, and the United States has now become a net exporter of the American flag. But Chinese manufacturers are still invincible in this trade. The data shows that the United States imports an annual US$5.4 million US flag, and the US$5.3 million flag is still made in China.

In the case of barbecues, Americans have a tradition of picnics and barbecues. According to statistics, three-quarters of American adults have barbecue grills. But most Americans use grills imported from overseas, and China is the market leader. According to industry market research firm IBISWorld, in 2016, imported barbecues accounted for 56% of total US barbecue sales; in 2006, this figure was only 10%. Char-Broil, a popular outdoor barbecue in the United States, is produced in China. But before 2006, Char-Broil originated in Georgia, USA. The reason, the founder of the brand has said that China's production costs are a quarter lower than in the United States.

This phenomenon has also aroused the dissatisfaction of American barbecue producers. In order to prove that its own products are stronger than imported ones, the new American brand "American Badass" grills created by American rock stars, in this advertisement, the rock star personally went into battle and made the action of crushing the Chinese barbecue. However, landing on the "American Badass" official website, found that the parts of the stove are still produced overseas.