Americans Spend $900 Million A Year To Buy Fireworks. US Media: 90% From China

- Jul 05, 2018-

According to the news network reported on July 5, the US media said that Americans will spend more than 900 million dollars this year to buy a variety of fireworks. However, for those who want to celebrate Independence Day by means of fireworks, the United States relies almost entirely on Chinese supplies.


According to the National Public Radio website on July 3, Julie Heckman, executive director of the American Fireworks and Firecrackers Association, said: "90% of the fireworks emitted by consumers in their backyards come from China. About 70% of professional fireworks displays. The fireworks are made in China."


The report said that the situation is not always the case. In the past, many fireworks were made in the Midwestern United States by companies like the American Fireworks Company. Vincenzo Sorgi founded the company in Ohio after immigrating to Italy from Italy in 1902.

His great-grandson Roberto Sorgi said, "Like many other immigrant families, he brought many fireworks methods used by Italian families. So we also have two to three generations of fireworks manufacturers in Italy."

For most of the last century, Italian immigrants have been controlling the fireworks industry, and in most cases they have created fireworks for their performances.

Roberto Sorgi said: "Our production is almost everything from scratch, from the Star of Fireworks to the shell of the fireworks bomb, to the fuse, and all the accessories in the middle."

Before and after the commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the founding of the United States in 1976, the demand for fireworks began to exceed the supply capacity of the United States, so companies like Sorgi began importing, importing from Italy, Mexico, and especially China. The Chinese invented fireworks in the Tang Dynasty more than a thousand years ago.

Heckman added: "Fireworks manufacturing is a highly labor-intensive industry." As regulations become more stringent and people are not interested in hand-made things, it is reasonable to rely more on China to complete such production."

According to reports, last year, the ratio of import and export of fireworks and firecrackers exceeded 40 to 1. But so far, the surge in trade deficits in this area has not led President Trump's protectionist repression measures against other industries.

Heckman said: "Fortunately, the fireworks industry has not been affected by tariffs. We are paying very close attention to this matter."

Fireworks dealers warned that tariffs on Chinese imported fireworks would make their booming business a mess. Don't make a mistake: domestic fireworks sales and display business are getting more and more prosperous. Sorgi’s company has been increasing its manpower year after year. No longer have to bear the burden of hand-made fireworks, they can perform hundreds of fireworks displays every year, and not only during the busy July 4th.


Solgi said: "One or two activities in the past year are now available all year round, so the entire industry has actually risen to another level."

More importantly, the report said that a large number of fireworks and firecrackers produced in China are now safe enough to be legally sold in almost every state. Consumers' purchase of fireworks has increased from $284 million in 1998 to $885 million last year.