An Explosion Of An Italian Fireworks Factory

- May 14, 2018-

According to the European Network, citing the report of the European Union Press Agency of Italy, a workshop of fireworks and firecrackers in the city of San Severo in Foggia, Italy, exploded. The accident caused two employees to be seriously injured. The specific losses caused by the explosion are being investigated by relevant parties.

According to reports, the company that has exploded is a company that specializes in producing fireworks and firecrackers. The explosion occurred in the morning and the company’s production plant suddenly heard a violent explosion. After the nearby residents heard the explosion, they quickly called the police to inform the situation.

After the police and the fire brigade rushed to the scene of the explosion, they rescued two employees who were injured in the blast and sealed off the fireworks and firecracker companies that caused the explosion. They carried out a rigorous inspection of dangerous goods and eliminated the danger of re-initiating explosions. Hidden danger.

The two employees injured in the explosion were aged 45 and 36 respectively. When the explosion occurred, they were working in the workshop. The explosion caused the two people to burn over a large area.

At present, the police and the labor safety supervision department have formed a joint investigation team and are conducting a comprehensive investigation into the causes of the explosion accident. The authorities have ordered the temporary closure of fireworks and firecrackers to check all safety hazards.