Australian Fire Rages, People Demand Cancellation Of New Year's Fireworks Show

- Dec 31, 2019-

Mountain fires have burned in eastern Australia for several months. According to Australian media reports, due to bad weather conditions, some Australian cities and towns have now announced the cancellation of the New Year's fireworks show.


As a result of the total fire ban, Canberra announced the cancellation of the New Year's fireworks show. Chief of Territory Emergency Services Commissioner Georgina Whelan announced the ban on Sunday afternoon, saying, "The fire hazard level during this period is severe. This means that if a fire occurs, it will be difficult to control and the fire will spread quickly. "

It is reported that this is the first time in the history of Canberra to cancel the New Year's fireworks show due to a comprehensive ban on fire.

New South Wales Deputy Governor John Barillaro expressed support for the call to cancel Sydney's New Year's Eve firework celebration. On the morning of the 30th, he said, "The risk of a fire is too high, and we must respect those tired New South Wales Rural Fire Station volunteers."

Prior to this, NSW Gov. Berrigiclian stated that fireworks should proceed as planned, subject to the safety approval of the NSW Fire Department.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison also responded to Barry Jicklian's views, saying that this annual celebration represents optimism and vitality, and this is what the world is looking forward to.

However, an online petition with more than 250,000 signatures called for the cancellation of the New Year fireworks and suggested that the saved funds be used for forest fires and drought resistance. Facing public concerns, the City of Sydney has said that most of the budget's funds have been spent.

The City of Sydney has donated $ 620,000 to help communities and wildlife affected by forest fires and drought. The city government will also promote the Red Cross Recovery and Relief Fund during the live broadcast of the New Year event.

NSW Rural Fire Services Commissioner Sean Fitzsimmons said Sydney's New Year's Eve fireworks may continue as usual even with a complete fire ban. Fitzsimmons said, "Unless the Met Office considers the fireworks display to be out of date, everything is going as planned. I don't think the New Year fireworks will be cancelled due to a comprehensive fire ban."

Fitzsimmons said that if a comprehensive fire ban is announced, not all fireworks will be exempted, and the NSW Fire Department will assess the risk of fireworks based on location.

New Year's Eve, temperatures will soar in parts of Sydney, with temperatures expected to reach 44 ° C in Penrith and Richmond. The Meteorological Agency predicts that the Sydney area will reach 33 ° C on Tuesday, with haze in the evening and possibly accompanied by thunderstorms. It is reported that more than 1 million people are expected to go to Sydney Harbour to watch the famous fireworks show, bringing NSW $ 130 million in revenue.

In addition, as the highest temperature of tomorrow is only 21 ° C, the Melbourne City Government said that the city's fireworks activities will be carried out as scheduled, and it is expected that 400,000 people will participate in the New Year's Eve celebration.