Changsha Customs' Liuyang Office Optimizes The Inspection Process, And The Fireworks Export Inspection Efficiency Is Increased By 25%

- Apr 04, 2019-

Changsha Customs' Liuyang Office optimizes the inspection process, and the fireworks export inspection efficiency is increased by 25%.

"In the past, I had to run every day and submit the export inspection materials. It is only necessary to come once or twice a week." On March 25, at the Changsha Customs Office in Liuyang, the reporter of the XX Fireworks Group was handling the company’s export fireworks. Product declaration business, she said that the company has product exports every week. Since the Changsha Customs office in Liuyang optimizes the declaration and inspection process, the company not only saves time and cost, but also provides great convenience for the company's exports.

In response to the convenience brought by the innovative inspection mode of Changsha Customs Office in Liuyang Office, on March 25th, the Municipal Fireworks and Firecrackers Association and the Wenjia Town Fireworks Chamber of Commerce sent a special banner to express thanks to the Changsha Customs Office in Liuyang. 


This year, the Changsha Customs Office in Liuyang actively explored a new model for exporting fireworks inspections. By establishing a video connection with the company and implementing remote inspections, inspection personnel can inspect the declared products without going to the enterprise site.

“In the declared products, we randomly sampled the products from the video, and the packaging, product specifications, discharge effects, etc. can be inspected.” Li Lei, director of the Changsha Customs Office in Liuyang, introduced the previous two inspectors to complete the factory inspection. The remote inspection can complete 2 roads for 3 people, and the efficiency is increased by 25%. At the same time as the innovative remote inspection, the Changsha Customs Office in Liuyang simplified the inspection record, which was shortened from 1 minute and 27 seconds to 1 minute and 33 seconds from the previous filling of an inspection record.


Taking the export inspection on March 19 as an example, the Xingsha Customs office in Liuyang received an export inspection application from 55 fireworks companies. The inspection batch was 152 batches. According to the original time, the staff will arrive during the day. The enterprise conducts on-the-spot inspection. After returning, it is necessary to work overtime to fill out the inspection record sheet. It only takes 15 hours and 12 minutes to fill out the inspection record sheet, and 6 staff members fill in at the same time. Each person takes 2 hours and 30 minutes. After simplifying the process, it takes only 37 minutes to fill out.

In the past, the company had to get the test results the next day at the earliest, and it took 3 to 5 days to get the results when the export season was high. "Now it is desirable to make a decision. The results will be found on the day of the test." Li Lei introduced the test time. Shorten the time for fireworks and firecrackers, and catch up with the schedule in time.

Not only is it to verify remote operation, but also to simplify the inspection record list. In optimizing the business environment, Xingsha Customs Liuyang Office also innovatively implements “consolidated measures” to adjust the batch management of export fireworks and firecrackers. Different types and batches of goods from the consignor and the trading country can be declared in batches.

"Through the batch declaration, not only reduce the total number of votes declared by enterprises, but also reduce the sampling rate by more than 30%, saving 15% to 20% for enterprises." Wu Junmin, chief of supervision department of Xingsha Customs in Liuyang Office, said that according to calculations, The policy can reduce the number of 2,400 votes declared in the whole year, reduce the number of enterprises to sample 48,000, and reduce the 600-hour workload of customs officers. “There has greatly improved the integrity of the company.”

On the basis of the optimized inspection process, the Xingsha Customs Office in Liuyang strictly controls the installation and checks and controls the fireworks and firecrackers in the process of packing. As of March 24, Xingsha Customs Office in Liuyang had supervised 2,398 fireworks and firecrackers, and found that the bottom of the container had sharp objects; the fireworks and firecrackers were seriously damaged; the fireworks fireworks upside down and other 12 types of problems, to prevent 50 safety hazards More than 20 containers of the whole container that were seriously damaged due to most of the packaging and declared not in conformity with the actual batch were stopped.

"Strictly controlling the installation is responsible for the enterprise, which is conducive to eliminating hidden dangers, controlling product quality, and enhancing the international influence of Liuyang Fireworks." Li Lei said that the next step will be to listen to the company's demands and actively explore more within the scope of the policy. Many new initiatives.