China CCTV Office Building Fire Case Details: Illegal Fireworks Into Beijing No One Intercepted

- Jan 10, 2019-

China CCTV office building fire case details: illegal fireworks into Beijing no one intercepted


On February 9, 2009, the fireworks show at the CCTV new office building site was the fourth consecutive year that the new site opened fireworks on the Lantern Festival night. Xu Wei instructed Sha Peng to do the matter.
For the fireworks show, Sha Peng contacted Li Xiaohua. Li is a fireworks fan, and Xu Wei’s love of magnifying fireworks is also affected by it. Li Xiaohua then found the self-employed Song Zheyuan who met when he bought fireworks in Gu'an, Hebei. Song Zheyuan introduced Liu Faguo, a shareholder of Hunan Liuyang Sanxiang Fireworks Company. In the 2008 Lantern Festival, CCTV's new site first set off an electronically controlled large-scale fireworks show, but there were no display shells. For the 2009 Lantern Festival fireworks display, Xu Wei put forward a higher expectation, saying that the cost can be more. So I joined a lot of display shells.
In late December 2008, Sha Peng, Li Xiaohua, Song Zheyuan, and Liu Faguo went to the CCTV site to determine the fireworks in the main building and the annex building of CCTV. The specific location was in the west of the passage, next to the Sanhuan auxiliary road. Later, Liu Faguo invited Sha Peng and Li Xiaohua to go to Langfang International Hotel to watch a fireworks show of 300,000 yuan.
Sha Peng and Li Xiaohua suggested that there should be several climaxes in the process of discharge, and they will be strengthened at the end, and they can bid up to 350,000. In addition, Li Xiaohua was afraid of burning and scaring pedestrians on the Third Ring Road, requesting a reduction in the number of 6-inch fireworks.
Surprisingly, Liu Faguo quoted 350,000 yuan of fireworks, and the actual price of picking up goods from the factory was less than 50,000 yuan.
Sanxiang Fireworks Co., Ltd. has the qualification to produce and sell fireworks and fireworks show A-level discharge. Shareholder Liu Faguo is also the business manager. He is responsible for contacting the fireworks sales and undertaking the fireworks display. He takes the goods from the factory and returns the goods to the factory. , earning the difference from it.
Liu Faguo was arrested and confessed. From this CCTV fire show, he was prepared to earn a profit of 100,000 yuan, and the rest was used for freight, tolls, food and shelter, workers' wages and design plans.
Liu Faguo transported CCTV fireworks to Yongqing County, Hebei Province, which is only a few kilometers away from Beijing, but fireworks transportation is not an easy task.
China has strict regulations on the sale and transportation of fireworks and firecrackers. To sell fireworks in different places, the purchaser must apply to the local police for the purchase certificate and the transportation certificate for the fireworks. From Yongqing to Beijing, there are two checkpoints along the way, and the fireworks must pass the certificate. The fireworks that can be sold to CCTV are illegally sold. There is no transportation permit, so they can only be illegally transported to Beijing.
At 11 o'clock on the evening of February 6, CCTV fireworks started from Yongqing Supply and Marketing Co., Ltd., including more than 100 cartons of fireworks, one main engine, three extensions, six machines for shooting, and hundreds of display shells launching tubes.
On February 6, Liu Faguo took the Sanxiang company's firefighter Zeng Xu again into the CCTV site and found that there was an additional fence at the originally determined place.
Zeng Xu immediately proposed that the field map is different from the actual scene. The narrow space is not good for fireworks display. It is not suitable for large fireworks show. He is also worried that the fireworks will damage the glass of CCTV's main building. The CCTV people said that there is no effect in not fire display shells, and it is necessary.
The 6-inch fireworks bomb has a diameter of 40 to 50 meters, and the exploding Mars lasts for 2 seconds. The special effects last for three or four seconds. The longer Mars lasts, the farther it is. In addition, the 6-inch display shells can hit a height of 160 meters, and the height of the CCTV building is exactly 159 meters.
Due to the accidental occurrence of the construction site, the position of the fireworks was finally pushed a 20-meter in the direction of the CCTV annex. The place of discharge is only fifty or sixty meters away from the main body of the building.
As a certified professional fireworks displayer, Zeng Xu is fully aware that the safety distance of the 6-inch fireworks from the building is 100 meters. After he was arrested, he explained: "I was only able to do what the boss said."
One year after the CCTV fire broke out, the investigation team of the State Council concluded that the direct cause of the fire was: in the case of a clearly insufficient safety distance, the high-temperature star after the explosion of the display shells fell into the repair hole of the top window of the main building of the building, and the ignition was overhauled. Exposed flammable materials on the inside of the channel cause a fire.
Fireworks installation continued until February 9th. At the scene of the discharge, nearly 700 pieces of display shells were divided into 10 barrels, and hundreds of barrels were fixed on three 20-square-meter gun cannons. The scene was spectacular. Among them, the powerful 6-inch fireworks shell has 205 pieces.
According to the investigation, the fire of the CCTV fire was 20:15. The top of the building was quickly swallowed up by the fire, and the audience was scattered. Xu Wei was speechless.