China Fireworks And Firecrackers Association Expert Working Committee Conducts Research In Four Major Producing Areas

- Dec 19, 2018-


From November 22nd to 23rd, Zhong Ziqi, president of China Fireworks and Firecrackers Association, led a group of 6 members of the Association's expert work committee to revise opinions on the industrial development plan of China's fireworks and firecrackers industry, the Fireworks and Firecrackers Safety Management Regulations, and the industry's molded products. The problems of improving quality and environmental protection, combating the implementation of overhead products, gathering of product industrial areas, de-capacity adjustment, transformation and upgrading, etc., went deep into the four major industrial producing areas of Jiangxi Wanzhan and Shangli, Hunan Liuyang and Fuling fireworks and firecrackers. Carefully listen to the planning, initiatives, opinions and suggestions of relevant governments, departments and enterprises.


The government leaders, relevant department leaders and corporate leaders of the four major industrial producing areas expressed their welcome and appreciation to the expert work committee, and put forward practical suggestions and suggestions for the current situation of the industry and existing problems, and reported the production. The district's recent (2019-2020) and medium-term (2021-2025) industrial development plans.


Through research, it has closely understood the mutual understanding and trust between the association and local governments, relevant departments and enterprises, and reached a consensus: in the face of challenges and opportunities, the industry should unite and discipline, strengthen coordination, and steadily realize the transformation and upgrading of the fireworks and firecrackers industry. The development of quality has made the traditional Chinese culture and art industry of China's fireworks and firecrackers more than a thousand years old, strong, practical, and well-made. In order to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese national culture, it has become more brilliant.