China Has Formulated Nine International Standards For Fireworks And Firecrackers, Achieving A Breakthrough Of Zero

- May 10, 2018-

On November 5,2017, nine international standards for fireworks and firecrackers were released in Liuyang. This marks a zero breakthrough in the international standards for fireworks and firecrackers in China, which allows fireworks and firecrackers to have a unified standard in world trade, which can effectively regulate the quality of global fireworks products and market order.

The conference takes the theme of the World Standards Day campaign as “The promotion of standardization and boosting the quality” and comprehensively displays the international standardization results achieved since the establishment of ISO/TC264, allowing industry prophets to be aware of the dynamics of international standards and master the technical content and requirements of international standards. Further promote the international exchange of fireworks and firecrackers and compete for the right to speak internationally. At the meeting, Huang Chaxiang, secretary-general of the ISO/TC264 Secretariat of the International Organization for Standardization/Fireworks and Firecrackers, introduced the development of nine ISO international standards.

The nine international standards for fireworks and firecrackers are two major series of standards: ISO 25947 and ISO 26261. They cover the terms, classifications, labels, structures, performances, and instructions for use of Class 1, 2, 3, and 4 fireworks, as well as related detection methods. Applicable to the basic application of fireworks products, but also the basis of other fireworks standards. The nine international standards for fireworks and firecrackers are a complete small system with strong interrelatedness. They have added multinational elements to the actual conditions in different countries and have international practicality and feasibility. China's national standards are based on a single, independent standard and are divided into product standards, method standards, etc. Each standard is generally a product of the same category or raw and auxiliary materials, or a technical requirement for a test method, with a high degree of individual use.

After the promulgation of the standard, China has established a project to translate these nine international standards into recommended national standards. The adoption method is to modify the adoption. China as the chairman of the ISO/TC264 and the secretariat assumes the country and will take the lead in converting the series of international standards and In the process of revising GB 10631 Safety and Quality of Fireworks and Firecrackers as far as possible in line with this series of international standards, and in the near future, it will carry out nine international standard publicity trainings.