China Has Made Outstanding Contributions To International Standards For Fireworks And Firecrackers

- Jun 29, 2018-

All along, the fireworks and firecracker industry has no uniform standards in the world, and the requirements of various countries' standards or directives are different. This has brought certain trade barriers to the production, consumption, and export of fireworks and firecrackers.


Participate in the formulation of 9 international standards

From 2012 to 2018, China led the development of four ISO fireworks international standards, participated in the development of six ISO fireworks international standards and a technical report, including nine ISO fireworks international standards (ISO25947 and ISO26261 two major series) and 1 The technical report was formally promulgated in 2017. Four fireworks international standards development projects (ISO21583 and ISO22863 series) are in the research phase.

In view of the fact that 9 ISO Fireworks International Standards have been formally promulgated, in order to convert international standards in time, and approved by the National Standards Commission, the adoption of nine national standards for fireworks has turned into a recommended national standard. The project has been formally established in 2017. At present, the adoption of the standard Preparation work is in progress.

Nine ISO Fireworks International Standards are the two major series of standards ISO25947 and ISO26261. They cover the terminology, classification classification, label, structure and performance, and instructions for use of Fireworks 1, 2, 3, and 4 as well as related detection methods. The basic application of the product is also the basis of other fireworks standards. As far as content is concerned, in terms of key technical indicators, the classification of fireworks in international standards is roughly the same as China's national standard, the terms are basically the same, and the safety requirements are roughly the same. In terms of specific technical indicators, the requirements of ISO fireworks international standards are generally lower than China's national standards, such as: drug dosage, sound level value, shelf life, and ignition time. The nine ISO fireworks international standards are a complete small system with strong interrelatedness. They have added multi-national elements to the actual conditions of different countries and have international practicality and feasibility. Compared with international standards, China's current fireworks national standards are based on a single independent standard and are divided into product standards, method standards, etc. Each standard is generally the same product or raw and auxiliary materials, or the technical requirements of a detection method. High degree of individual use.

In carrying out international standardization work, representatives of nine Chinese companies have substantially participated in the international standard revision project. Following the requirements of the ISO guidelines, Chinese experts focus their efforts on technical research and standard setting, and concentrate their efforts on doing service work for 30 member states. In the past six years, China has organized standard seminars, working groups, and annual conferences, organized distribution, and undertaken standard experimental research. It has undertaken seven main research projects and organized at least five international standard seminars and three times each year. The preparations for the meeting, conducted a large number of tests, and provided scientific data for the development of standards. In conjunction with the work of the National Standardization Technical Committee on Firecrackers and Firecrackers (SAC/TC149), the Chinese team of experts has solicited opinions and suggestions from the industry extensively, written the national technical standards into international standards, and at the same time reflected the domestic industry's development aspirations into international standardization work. The hierarchical classification methods, testing methods, and requirements for some fireworks products proposed by our experts are included in the International Standards for Persons.

Guide the transformation of fireworks and firecrackers

The promulgation of the nine ISO fireworks international standards has achieved a breakthrough in the international standards for fireworks and firecrackers, allowing fireworks and firecrackers to have a unified measure, identification method, technical requirements, and detection and determination methods in world trade, which can effectively regulate the quality of global fireworks products. The market order and effective elimination of technical obstacles to the export trade of fireworks in China have expanded the depth and breadth of international trade, greatly reduced production costs and improved production efficiency. At the same time, it is more conducive to the establishment of a global brand image and market credibility for domestic enterprises. Let the world know more about our country's fireworks, and let the world pay more attention to the fireworks brand made in China. It will continue to radiate to the world the traditional cultural products of fireworks and firecrackers in our country, and will play a crucial role in advancing the promotion of fireworks and firecrackers. Traditional industries are safe, healthy and sustainable in the global context.

At present, the fireworks and firecrackers industry in China is undergoing a process of quality transformation, and society has become increasingly demanding for the industry's environmental protection, safety and quality. The production of fireworks and firecrackers is a traditional arts and crafts industry and requires a lot of manual participation. This places high demands on the quality and safety management and control of production companies, the continuous production and automation.

From small workshops to the development of large-scale production, fireworks and firecrackers need new technologies and equipment to support them. In the market, because of low technical barriers, good products are easily imitated by Shanzhai products, homogeneity of products is serious, or in order to reduce production costs, some companies have the problem of blindly seeking profits to shoddy and disrupt market order.

The upgrade of fireworks and firecrackers must be aimed at international standards, and efforts must be made to improve quality and innovative technologies. First, quality is better, safety is assured, and efficiency is high. Production enterprises need to improve the environmental performance of fireworks products and raw and auxiliary materials, promote automated production of machinery, increase production efficiency and safety, enhance industrial technology content, and establish brand value. The second is to persist in innovation and focus on solving the technical problems currently facing the fireworks and firecrackers industry. In particular, it is necessary to cultivate new growth points in the areas of high-end consumption, innovation and leadership, green and low carbon, brand value, cultural creativity, and sharing economy to form an industry development. New kinetic energy. The third is to guide the fireworks and firecrackers industry into line with the international market, promote the advanced theory and technical indicators of international standards in China, consolidate China’s status as the largest producer and exporter of fireworks in the world, and expand the influence of fireworks technology and standards in the international arena.