China Liuyang City Fireworks Bureau Actively Promotes The Opening Of The China-Europe Fireworks Railway Transportation Line

- Aug 15, 2018-

In order to deepen the supply-side structural reforms in the social sector, further stimulate the vitality of investment in the social sector, and guide social capital to increase investment, the new scale, Liuyang issued the "Liuyang City Ten Measures to Promote Social Investment." In support of the development of the fireworks industry, a series of preferential policies have been introduced, one of which is to “encourage the first class of dangerous goods transport enterprises to rely on the Menghua Railway Liuyang Xijiang Station to build dangerous goods yards and freight stations, and transport fireworks and firecrackers through the China-Europe trains. Priority is given to all types of examination and approval procedures, and the administrative and institutional fees involved are exclusive to the exclusive use of Liuyang at this level, and a one-time reward of 1 million yuan."

In order to crack the current situation of Liuyang fireworks export only waterway single transport mode, make full use of the advantages of Menghua Railway, accelerate the opening of China-European trains for fireworks and firecrackers. After the release of "Ten Measures for Promoting Social Investment in Liuyang City", Liuyang City Fireworks Bureau actively carried out Liuyang's investment environment, preferential policies, the development status of Liuyang fireworks industry and the future development direction of the industry, and disseminated extensive policy information to all sectors of the society, strengthening the fireworks industry. Confidence and determination to develop. At the same time, we will contact domestic and foreign dangerous goods enterprises in a targeted manner to attract more funds to invest in the construction of dangerous goods yards and freight stations on the Menghua Railway.

Under the matchmaking of Liuyang City Fireworks Bureau, Huge International Investment Holdings (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. has seized the olive branch and is expected to invest 3 billion yuan to participate in the construction of the project. In early July, it decided to establish Liuyang Railway Port Management Co., Ltd. It is specially responsible for the docking of dangerous goods storage yard projects. In order to promote the project as soon as possible, the Liuyang City Fireworks Bureau and the development and reform, land, urban construction, planning, industry and other departments, Guankou Sub-district Office, etc., intervened in the pre-service, actively coordinated the administrative examination and approval procedures, and created a good business environment. . Under the joint efforts of all parties, the company registration has been completed, and the next stage will be the process of drawing design.