China's Fireworks And Firecracker Production Mechanization Work Promotion Meeting Was Held In Liling, Hunan

- Jul 06, 2018-

On July 5th, the national fireworks and firecracker production mechanization work promotion meeting was held in Liling City, Hunan Province. The meeting thoroughly studied and understood Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the spirit of the 19th Party Congress, and conscientiously implemented the Party Central Committee and the State Council leading comrades. Important instructions on strengthening emergency management and safety production, as well as arrangements for the deployment of party groups in the emergency management department, summarizing and communicating the mechanization of fireworks and firecrackers production in recent years, on-site observation of key mechanical equipment development and application results of fireworks and firecrackers, and deployment to accelerate the mechanization of fireworks and firecrackers production Work to further enhance the intrinsic safety level of fireworks and firecrackers production, and promote the safe development of fireworks and firecrackers industry with high quality development. Huang Ming, secretary of the party group and deputy minister of the Emergency Management Department, attached great importance to the opening of this meeting and made clear requirements before the meeting. Wang Haoshui, member of the party committee of the Emergency Management Department, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

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The meeting pointed out that it is necessary to further unify thoughts, raise awareness, and enhance sense of responsibility, urgency, and mission, accelerate the automation of mechanization of fireworks and firecrackers in the country, vigorously support scientific and technological research and development, accelerate the improvement of intelligence, strengthen the application and process safety control, etc. Through the "mechanization substitution, automation and reduction of people", the personnel in dangerous positions were replaced, the production and employment were reduced, and the intrinsic safety production level was put forward. It is necessary to continue to deepen the special rectification of the national fireworks and firecracker production enterprises, and through strict law enforcement inspections and strict administrative penalties, the relevant illegal and illegal enterprises and their main responsible persons will be included in the “blacklist” management of bad records of safety production and publicized to the public, and joint punishment and Measures such as industry bans forced companies to implement the responsibility of safety production. It is necessary to do a solid job in the safety production of fireworks and firecrackers in the current high temperature thunderstorm season to prevent accidents.

Chen Fei, deputy governor of Hunan Province, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. National fireworks and firecrackers production provinces (districts), key cities and counties, responsible comrades of the emergency management department, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the heads of the China Fireworks and Firecrackers Association and some fireworks and firecracker production machinery and equipment research and development units attended the meeting. Hunan, Jiangxi Province, two provinces safety supervision bureau, Liling, Liuyang, Shangli three key counties to exchange speeches.