China's Fireworks And Firecrackers Factories Are About To Resume Production

- Aug 23, 2018-

Liuyang City Safety Production Committee Office

About doing a good job in resuming production after the suspension of production

Liuyang City Fireworks Enterprise shall resume its work after the high temperature ceases production. It shall apply to the township (street) where it is located from August 20, and fill out the “Application Form for Resumption of Work in the High Temperature Season of Fireworks and Firecrackers in 2018”. After passing the inspection and acceptance of the township (street) where the enterprise is located, it shall be reported to the Liuyang City Safety Supervision Bureau for the record, and it will resume production on September 1, 2018.


Resuming production requirement:

1. The "Safe Production License" is valid;

2. Corporate legal representative, production plant manager, safety officer, and special operation personnel passed the safety assessment of fireworks and firecrackers;

3. Establish and improve the enterprise safety management system;

4. Powders control measures are in place: the fence is set as required, the infrared anti-intrusion alarm device is installed as required, and the physical defense measures are configured as required;

5. No subcontracting, subcontracting and multi-shareholders separate the production phenomenon;

6. Workshops, work sheds and related buildings that do not meet the valid drawings will be removed in place;

7. The installation of mechanical equipment meets the safety requirements, and after passing the test, it is installed and used as required;

8. The allocation of the powder pool, the transfer library, the finished product warehouse, and the standardization of the building structure shall be rectified in accordance with the standard;

9. Lightning protection, fire prevention, anti-static, protective barrier safety facilities are in place and tested;

10. Relevant administrative penalties are handled as required.